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EULA – TOR Re-Sellable? Also Micro-Transactions?

Published by under Breaking News,Editorial,speculation on Dec. 07. 2011.

I found this interesting tidbit in the current EULA for Star Wars: The Old Republic – (verified identical in both the one from last Beta and the one currently downloadable at ). In this Article, I will be speculating on the meaning of a specific section of the EULA:


Section 2, Part C reads as follows:


C. Transfer.


You may make a one time permanent transfer of all your rights to install and use packaged Software on physical recording media to another individual or legal entity provided that: (a) you transfer or delete all copies of the Software ; and (b) you retain no copies of the Software. You may not transfer your Account and/or any associated subscriptions to a third party, and EA may require that any subsequent end user of the Software register the Software online as a condition of use, and will not be responsible should you not be able to transfer the right to access game play, receive updates, upgrades, dynamically served content, any achievements and/or items already purchased or otherwise acquired by you through micro-transactions whether or not paid for, or the right to use any online service(s) of EA. It is your responsibility to ascertain the ability of any person to whom you intend to transfer the Software to receive the Software and/or open and utilise an Account, including by consulting any applicable Terms of Service to determine the conditions that may be applicable for the use of an Account, if applicable.



Now what exactly does this mean? Let’s take it one tidbit at a time.

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Server Names

Published by under Game Mechanics,speculation on Nov. 14. 2011.

Server types have been announced and explained. We have PvE, PvP, RP-PvE and RP-PvP, so all the classics we have come to expect from our MMOs are present. Still, the question remains, how will they be named? This is an important decision for the community. Not many would want to be on a server named “Snugglypuff” or “Jar-Jar,” especially among those in the PvP Community, I suspect.
In games I have played in the past, server types were given names. In LotRO, the server names correspond to locations within the books and games. EVE Online only has one server. World of Warcraft and Rift are a mixture of NPC names and locations. So, what sort of names should be used for SWTOR servers? And, should those names have different themes based on the server type?

My suggestion is to use ship types, vehicle types and locations for PvE Servers. Imagine playing on the “Kessel Run,” the “Void Star” or even the “Phantom.” How about famous character names for PvP Servers? “Revan,” “HK-47,” “Vader,” etc. And planet names for RP servers? “Alderaan,” “Belsavis,” “Dagobagh,” etc.
Any thoughts or suggestions? Is it a good idea to have a different theme for different server types? Or not? What about RP-PvP vs RP-PvE? Should they have different themes? Or should they all share a single theme?

Should Bioware even release such a list ahead of the game starting? As Stephen Reid said, “Early server list con: massive population imbalance on servers that people think don’t sound ‘cool’. That’s the biggest.” Not everyone will agree on what constitutes “Cool,” and you can’t make fifty, a hundred, or even more servers, all with “equally cool” names. Sure, you can weed out the “Jar-Jar” names… but there are only so many “Vader,” “Void Star” and “Kessel Run” names to be had.


*Daelda and Rosie contributed to this article.


You can follow Rosie on Twitter at @Dawnsrose. You can also contact her directly via email at

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Early Access Let The Speculation Begin.

Published by under Blog,Pre-Order,speculation on Sep. 26. 2011.

It came in an instant we received the release date E-Mail and the posts went up on the SWTOR forums about when the early access would begin.


Now normally early access to MMO’s have been anything between 3 and 10 days before the release date or there about’s. As far as I know no other high profile games are being released at the same time. This gives BioWare a nice window so they do not have to push it out early and they can concentrate on just getting the game right. Without the fear of another MMO breathing down TOR’s neck.


So what would be an ideal time to start the early access party going ?

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TOR CE Fuss About Nothing

Published by under Beta,Blog,Game Mechanics,news,Pre-Order,rumor,speculation on Jul. 29. 2011.

Before I get into this anyone who whines about the CE being too expensive and are from the US “SCREW YOU ALL”.


*Rant Set To Maximum*

You already have one, if not the lowest priced CE additions on earth how dare you. You only pay $150, I’m paying £129, which is around $200. And then I’m a lot better off than those poor Australians who have great trouble just getting the game and after import tax and such are looking at over $300. So, stop it, right now.

*End Rant*


Now to address all this bitching.

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The Announcement

Published by under Editorial,SDCC 2011,speculation on Jul. 19. 2011.

I am not sure how this skipped everyone’s radar, but this last Friday update, entitled “The Old Republic at Comic-Con“, said that there will be some sort of announcements at the show. Here’s the exact quote:

This year is looking to be another big year for the event and both BioWare and LucasArts will be there to make some announcements about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

It might be that people have grown tired of catching every little glimpse of what might possibly turn into big news, but I am still a sucker for hype and I will take this bait with open arms and share a few of my thoughts on what these announcements might be.
read more of my SWTOR geek out

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Are We There Yet?

Published by under GamesCom,PAX Prime,rumor,speculation on Jul. 17. 2011.

Wait, what’s that you say?  Another “probable release date” rumor is spreading like wildfire through the SWTOR forums?  Well then by golly, we need to spring to action and report on this!


Are we there yet?????
Are we there yet?????

The “report” that’s making the rounds currently goes a little something like this:

We are officially moving the expected Star Wars launch from September to November. PopCap is not the key to getting ERTS right. We like this acquisition, but this is not going to make or break your ERTS trade this year. The success of Star Wars and Battlefield, on the other hand, will. All eyes now shift to them.

So aside from sounding like it was ripped straight out of a Nostradamus quatrain, what does this mean?


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To MT or Not MT…

Published by under Editorial,Game Mechanics,speculation,Uncategorized on Jun. 27. 2011.

Oh sweet summer, how I missed thee.  And with the incessant humming of every AC unit in the neighborhood, I am reminded that we are one more season closer to a SWTOR launch.  Well that, and that I’ll be paying through the nose on my next electricity bill… But as always, I digress.

Our very own MrWarlock penned a delightful piece highlighting the 10 updates he anticipated the most, and one of these got me thinking, specifically his thoughts on micro-transactions – what sorts of plans do you imagine BioWare might have cooked up for SWTOR in the MT (micro-transaction) department? Well, let’s take a look at what else has been done.


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Forum Friday: Release Window Speculation

Published by under community news,speculation on May. 20. 2011.

It’s Friday once again and while we all wait to see what kind of information is given out on golden platters of awesomeness, i bring to you another post from the bowels of the Swtor forums. This week I jump on ship to tackle one of the bigger questions that EVERYONE is dying to know, the release date and the possible outcomes of what that might be. You can find one of the many official forum posts located here if you wish to choose through everyone’s thoughts, dreams and hopes of when it might be.

DISCLAIMER: Everything said in this article is the personal opinion of its author and does not represent any official information from Bioware. This is a speculative article and please treat it as such.
Lets jump right in on what I think. For me, I see the release coming in a September time-frame. Why? Well, I look at it like this. E3 happens in June and I expect some good information regarding aspects of the game to come out. I do not expect the release date to be given but I do think that a time frame for more beta invites to start happening to come up. The amount of time they stay in these beta phases will also play into realizing when the game really does launch.
Click here to continue reading about the logic behind September release speculation

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Forum Friday: SWTOR + Razer Switchblade?

Published by under gameplay,speculation on Apr. 15. 2011.

My original post for this weeks edition was all written up and all I had to do was type it out. So what happens? My brain starts thinking about things that would be nice to have in edition to playing Swtor and I had a post ready to go on the forums. I head over there and BAM, it’s already got a post, dated today about the same topic I was thinking about. So while it is fresh on the mind, I decided to switch gears and pop out this little post, even though the thread was just started.The thread, and my thoughts, center around Swtor and the Razer Switchblade.


Where's the Jump button?


So are you interested yet? Read on then friends!

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Familiar Roles… with a Twist?

Published by under Class,Game Mechanics,speculation on Apr. 10. 2011.

I fall firmly into the category of players who were greatly intrigued by Friday’s Dev. Update, as much for what it didn’t say for what it did.  We learned that the Sith Inquisitor will have an Advanced Class that will be fully capable of Tanking, for example, which came as a pleasant surprise to many (myself included).

At this stage, the tanking rogue has now been done before, breaking from the “Tanks must wear plate” paradigm, so the Assassin tank will not necessarily be groundbreaking.  We know that the Sith Inquisitor wears light armor also, which has led to a number of speculations.  Will the Assassin be a completely avoidance-based tank, utilizing high Dodge and/or Parry rates to minimize incoming damage (rather than mitigating it outright through high armor rates)?  I  initially also thought of the Swordmaster class from Warhammer Online, which also fulfilled the tanking role without the usage of a shield.  It was from looking at the Inquisitor’s mirror class, the Jedi Consular, that the picture became somewhat less fuzzy.

Take a look at a screen grab of this talent, called Kinetic Ward, which I believe sheds some light onto how this mechanic may function:

Kinetic Ward - Consular's Shield TalentAs a mirror class, I’d say it’s probably safe to assume that the Assassin will be using something similar.  This fits in with the description of the Consular (specifically, the Jedi Shadow) using “Lightsaber defense and Force powers.”

And as an aside, we knew that the Inquisitor/Consular were going to have access to some degree of Stealth, but take a look at the last line in this tooltip.  I hadn’t anticipated the playstyle of “Stealth Tank” but that is exactly what it seems to suggest.  We can probably also count on seeing the Imperial Agent and Smuggler healers making use of Stealth in some way as well.  That has the potential to be a really interesting mechanic – I’m most curious to see how it plays out in PvP though.

So as it stands, while SWTOR may not be rewriting the rules of the Holy Trinity, they are at the very least, providing these tools to a number of different classes.  It remains to be seen whether or not the developers will give in and allow Advance Class respecs or not.  While this may not be the most popular stance to take, I’m actually kind of hoping that they don’t.  I can imagine this feature being a popular “Paid Service” feature if they ever offered it.

All in all, I can safely say that I am completely stoked to play this beast!

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