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Every Other Day

Published by under Swtor Comic on Aug. 09. 2012.

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SWTOR had regulare maintenance this Tuesday like almost every Tuesday since launch. They deployed a patch during this scheduled maintenance to fix some bugs and lower the level requirements for some legacy perks. Today is Thursday and they have maintenance again to fix the bugs they introduced with the patch they implemented on Tuesday. Apparently there is a game breaking bug in EC hard mode that they need to fix. That is all fine and I am a supporter of fixing game breaking bugs as soon as possible. What completlly baffles me is how did such a bug come through QA in the first place. If this was a one time deal I would understand, but it feels now like every time they deployed any kind of patch they had to deploy a patch to fix the patch two days later. That is why every time now I see that SWTOR servers are down for unscheduled maintenance I imagine the executives in Bioware offices trying to think about how to run their maintenance. Hence the comic above (based off of “All Right, Gentlemen!” meme)

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One Response to “Every Other Day”

  1. T.on 09 Aug 2012 at 7:23 pm

    They’ve got a mole in the patchwriting process!!!

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