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Rishi Datacrons

Published by under news on Dec. 04. 2014.

Early Access week for the SWTOR 3.0 Digital Expansion – Shadow of Revan has begun on December 2nd, 2014. This update increases Level Cap to 60, brings two new planets, high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations and in addition to all of this, four new datacrons on the planet Rishi. Unlike previous times when datacrons were scattered throughout the maps on hard to reach places, Bioware has decided to place four new datacrons on the same location. But, it doesn’t mean that the datacrons hunt will be easier this time. You will have to complete 5 steps that include defeating 3 rare mobs, interacting with Cybernetic Skull, getting special buffs and much more.

For all of you datacron hunters, we have prepared a detailed screenshot guide that will help you overcome some of the obstacles in this datacron challenge – SWTOR 3.0 Shadow of Revan Rishi datacrons +10 stats guide

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SWTOR 2.0 Rise of the Hutt Cartel Guides

Published by under news on Apr. 09. 2013.

SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion increases level cap, and introduces new planet along with new quests, datacrons and much more. For this new adventure, our sister site Swtor Spy has a bunch of surprises for you, which will guide you through the new content.

  • SWTOR Talent Calculator 2.0
    Skill calculator with the updated skills for all classes so you can check out all the changes to your skill tree. All Class Skill Trees have been adjusted significantly, and all player Skill Points have been refunded.
  • Makeb Datacron +10 Presence Guide
    Head to the south-west part of Makeb, in Perekta Mesa (X:-1720, Y:4343). This datacron is can be collected in a few minutes.
  • Makeb Datacron +10 Endurance Guide
    The starting location for +10 Endurance datacron is in Frinn Mesa, while the datacron itself is located in the Cartel Mining Mesa. There are several tricky jumps during this adventure, thus, be patient!
  • New SWTOR 2.0 Makeb Codex
  • SWTOR Legacy Achievements Database
    We released for you online version of the in-game Legacy Achievements system with full functionality. The Legacy System has expanded to include Legacy Achievements, which recognize important accomplishments and milestones across all characters in your Legacy.

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HK-51, Cartel Market, 1.5 and more on SWTOR Spy

Published by under news,Patch on Nov. 15. 2012.

Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey lizard

Although SWTOR Life is no more I had to notify any visitors that today is the launch of Free to Play option for Star Wars: The Old Republic and our sister site SWTOR Spy, has been preparing for it extensively. Having a responsibility for tens of thousands of visitors we have updated SWTOR Spy with new information and introduced some new functionality. If the first thing you are interested in once game is open to players is to get the new HK-51 companion you will want to read SWTOR Spy’s guide to obtaining it, because there is a rather long quest chain with multiple points of interest you should check out. The guide is full of screenshots and detailed explanations and you can find it at:
HK-51 companion quest guide
Note: HK-51 gift information and general information are included on that page as well!
Next big thing coming in this patch is the Cartel Market and you can check out the following articles and tools SWTOR Spy provided:

  • Cartel Market Web Calculator (simulates the in-game market. You can check out the prices of all the items available in the shop and add them to your wishlist, which you can share with your friends)
  • List of all Cartel Market Super Rares with screenshots (you have a chance of getting a Super Rare item from Cartel Packs you purchase for Cartel Coins. We have a list. Note: not all items are activated yet)
  • List of all Cartel Market Items (these are the actual items you get when you purchase something in the Cartel Market – datamined so not all are available in-game yet)

Last but not least are updates to the content SWTOR Spy is famous for and that’s been updated for 1.5.

There will be more updates over the coming days, but there is plenty to go through as it is. To all those still enjoying The Old Republic, or that are about to start enjoying it we hope you will find SWTOR Spy’s content useful.

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End of an Era

Published by under news on Sep. 19. 2012.

It was announced yesterday that Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk have retired from the video game business and Bioware. Both Muzyka and Zeschuk wrote about their own reasons for leaving and the future endeavors they plan on pursuing. The two of them were called the heart and the vision of Bioware and its games and this is why this is such a sad occasion for anyone that truly loves games or calls themselves a gamer.
Here are some facts you should be aware of about the history of Bioware that I read in this great Gamasutra article. Greg and Ray were practicing medical doctors at the time when they decided to create their first game (together with a friend of their – Augustine Yip). The second game they made was Baldur’s Gate. Baldur’s Gate is largely considered as a game that revived the RPG genre. Delving into mature topics and doing unprecedented storytelling in an enormous world made it an instant classic. Every next game they made was RPG gold and the best in its genre. Great games that followed, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and their biggest success, sci-fi RPG Mass Effect, are all among the greatest games in the history of video games. Greg and Ray made these games possible with their dedication to their basic principles – quality. To quote Jason Scott Livingston’s article about the doctors’ departure:

Ray really did believe in the principle of quality: Quality in our Workplace, Quality in our Products, and Quality for our Investors (“our players are our investors”).

That is why us gamers loved Bioware and the games they made and spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with their games. Now, that its founders left,all that remains is a memory of how great Bioware was with them and hope that there is someone out there with a heart and passion big enough to create great games like the good doctors did.

Thank you good Doctors for all the hard work and dedication.
Thank you for all the great gaming experiences.
Best to you and yours.


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Lower Legacy Level Requirements

Published by under news on Aug. 07. 2012.

gannifari mini pet
With today’s maintenance we saw a patch being deployed for SWTOR. These small patches are usually not that interesting because they are just bug fixes or something similar. This time though we saw what might be considered a significant change for Legacy perks. A lot of legacy perks have had their Legacy level requirement lowered considerably. Here are the changes that were introduced with the pathc:

  • The Legacy Levels required for experience modifier perks have been adjusted. The ranks now require Legacy Level 2/3/5/7/10 (changed from 5/10/15/20/25).
  • The Legacy Levels required for companion modifier perks have been adjusted. The ranks now require Legacy Level 2/5/8 (changed from 5/10/15).
  • The Capital World and Outlaw’s Den priority transit perks now require Legacy Level 2 (previously 10).
  • The Fleet Vanguard and Black Hole priority transit perks now require Legacy Level 5 (previously 10).
  • The Legacy Levels required for the repair droid perks have been adjusted. The ranks now require Legacy Level 5/8/12 (changed from 10/15/25).
  • The field respec perk now require Legacy Level 5 (previously 10).

If you logged in since the servers went online and you transferred your character during the free character transfer you should also be welcomed by 25 Black Hole recommendations and Gannifari mini pet in your in-game mailbox.

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Login problems and solutions

Published by under Breaking News,news on Dec. 22. 2011.

It seems a large number of players are having issues with logging into the game today. There are several reasons this might be happening but the most common is that you have not set up a subscription on your swtor account properly. For those of you getting the error “no active subscription” or that your “account requires additional activation steps before you can log in” that probably means you did not complete the setup of your account properly. The proper steps to set up your account for play (now that the early access and grace period are over) are:

  1. Complete your contact information
  2. Create/setup three to five security questions on your account page
  3. Redeem an official Game Product Registration Code (you got the code when you bought the game – on the box or in the email if digital copy)
  4. Sign up for a subscription! (you will have to enter your credit card number and choose a subscription plan. you will NOT be charged until the first 30 days are up. This is standard procedure for all subscription based MMORPG games)

All of these can be completed at the “My Account” page on Be warned that it seems a lot of people did not read the instructions when they were setting up their account and now a lot of them are trying to log into their account and do the steps above. If you are greeted by a page that asks politely to wait until you log in, just wait for a few minutes and you will be able to log in. I tried it and it really is about a one minute wait.
Your account should look like this once you do all the steps above:

If you are still having problems please check out these official sources for possible solutions
Facebook Q&A page blog entry on Activating your account


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Launch day news

Published by under news on Dec. 21. 2011.

The day Star Wars: The Old Republic got officially released has come and gone. There were many great events to celebrate this momentous occasion an we decided to compile the media from several of those. What you will see below are the documentary video about the making of the Old republic that was released on the official site. There are images from the New York and Austin midnight launch events at Best Buy stores. There was a Freeze Mob in Times Square depicting the epic Empire versus the Republic conflict. Bioware founders also rang the NASDAQ starting bell. There is the SWTOR TV ad available for your viewing pleasure included as well. On to the media…

“Your Saga Begins” Documentary


Midnight launch event

New York was SWTOR town yesterday

Midnight launch in Austin

Developers signing copies of the game


Freeze Mob in Times Square

Freeze Mob in Times Square 1

Freeze Mob in Times Square 2

Freeze Mob in Times Square 3

Freeze Mob in Times Square 4

Freeze Mob in Times Square 5

Freeze Mob in Times Square 6


Bioware Founders open NASDAQ

Bioware Founders at NASDAQ

Bioware Founders and Star Wars open NASDAQ


Choose Your Side TV Spot

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Naming Rules – Do You REALLY Know the Rules?

Published by under Editorial,news on Dec. 12. 2011.

Do you actually know the Rules?


EA/BioWare has published their Rules of Conduct: — Very important and useful documents that most players skip over in their excitement to get into the game. I’ve already covered the EULA in a previous Article

Most of the rules are pretty common among MMOs, and if you are a veteran MMO player, you won’t blink twice at them. However, a few of the items are a little different than you may be used to, and are worth looking at a little closer, so that you don’t run afoul of any of the rules once Early Access (and Launch) hits and you find yourself actually playing the game.


One of these items that deserves a closer look is the Naming Policy. Now, we have known for a while that BioWare isn’t going to enforce Role-Playing Naming, even on RP Servers. To many RPers that was a disappointing decision, but those names can be subjective at times, so I can understand their stance. But, what rules ARE they going to enforce? Well, if you read the Rules of Conduct, and make your way down to Section D, you will find out. It reads as follows:

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So easy a troll can do it!

Published by under community news,Crafting,Editorial,news on Dec. 10. 2011.

Since it is the holidays, and we are coming up on Launch Week, we will all start obsessing about ONE thing…




…What? You thought I was gonna say something else? What are you…gamers????


Well… even gamers need high-quality, easy-to-fix (or just tasty) morsels to fill their bellies between the slaughtering of the evil (or not so evil) in the universe


We are going to start with EASY in this installment.  And, as a reminder, I would love to hear what you cook for gaming. Continue Reading »

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It Was The Friday Before Launch

Published by under news,Sith Inquisitor,video on Dec. 10. 2011.

It is three days before launch and it feels like Christmas. This Friday was the last that we’ll see a regular updated from Bioware took up an amazing responsibility of producing something newsworthy every Friday for about two years now and this is about to change because launch is upon us. To send off the Friday update into its well deserved retirement we were shown the Sith Inquisitor armor progression video (one of my favorite classes) that you can watch below:

The Friday update is gone as such but there is a new feature available on the official site. It is the Community Blog section where developetrs and members of the Bioware team will share their important thoughts and articles with the community at large. The first post on the blog announced launch events to be held in Austin, New York, London and Paris. The event in Austin will be held in Best Buy South Austin and James Ohlen and Rich Vogel will be attending. I am guessing the guys want to be close to HQ if they need to react quickly:). The New York event will feature Bioware’s good doctors Ray and Greg. I wonder if Dr. Greg will share his beard at the event? There is additional information to be found at a special web page located here.
In the meantime the official forums are down and the trolls are lurking the internet in search of new victims. The forums should be back fresh and clean come launch day so don;t despair it is only THREE DAYS AWAY!
Just to make myself perfectly clear. Personally I consider the launch to be when first customers will be able to create their first persistent characters. Early access is exactly that. On the 13th those that pre-ordered early will create characters that will last as long as the game is live. This is the beginning for me despite the “official” launch date is the 20th. I intend to celebrate the 13th by shaving my #launchbeard and hopefully creating my first character. We’ll have videos of that as proof :).

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