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TOR Lore: 1.2 and You

Published by under Lore on Apr. 11. 2012.

Greetings once again everyone! You may have noticed that TOR Lore has not been appearing on the site for the past few weeks. This is because I need to retreat deep into my lore cave and recharge my geek power cells in order to keep bringing you all of the sweet lore tidbits that you love. But now I am back, recharged and ready to go!


To celebrate my somewhat Ali-like return to the realm of lore I am going to be talking about some of the changes we will be seeing in 1.2, specifically how these changes are going to affect us from the lore immersion of our game. It’s no secret that there are players out there who are not happy with some of these changes and their reaching implications. I am referring to the Legacy unlocks, specifically the various species unlocks and Heroic Abilities. How are these going to affect our immersion, and are these changes going to be positive or negative? Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: The Sith Emperor: Part 1

Published by under Lore on Mar. 01. 2012.

We are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled activities this week on TOR Lore and forgo the explanation of a facet of Star Wars lore. Instead we are going to looking at a single individual, one of the most influential people to exist at the time of The Old Republic, the Sith Emperor.  This article will contain heavy spoilers for both TOR and some of the novels associated with the game, so if you wish to keep these things a secret I suggest you turn back now. Otherwise I welcome you to join me as we examine the life and exploits of one of the most influential figures of this time. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: A Good Blaster At Your Side

Published by under Lore on Feb. 23. 2012.

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” While the validity of this statement is questionable (you don’t often see people deflecting lightsaber strikes with blaster bolts), the truth remains that blasters are still pretty awesome. Ranging from the traditional blaster pistol to the massive blaster cannons found on starships, blasters are easily the most common weapon one can find in the Star Wars universe.  Held by everyone from the common farmer to smugglers to bounty hunters, blasters of all shapes and sizes are extremely deadly in the right hands. Today we will take a quick look at the history behind these weapons, and learn a little bit about what makes them work. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Rattataki

Published by under Lore on Feb. 02. 2012.

The Rattataki are pretty easy to recognize with their pale skin and bald heads that pretty much scream “I’m one of the bad guys!” They are relatively unknown in the greater galaxy, and there is little information on them as a species. The most well-known member of the Star Wars universe that was believed to be Rattataki, Asajj Ventress, has recently been confirmed to not be a Rattataki at all (despite the fact that she looks exactly like a Rattataki and was found on the Rattataki home world). Today I will share what little we do know about Rattataki so that we may all learn a little more about this mysterious species. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Zabrak

Published by under Lore on Jan. 26. 2012.

The Zabrak are a popular race in Star Wars due in no small part to the species’ most famous member, Darth Maul. Their horned heads and tattooed faces cultivate an image of a fierce and intimidating race, and in truth they are a fiercely independent and tough species. Yet for all their harshness they carry with them a great sense of pride and self-determination, not unlike humans. Today we will take a closer look at the Zabrak and what sets them apart from the other numerous species in the Star Wars universe. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Rakghouls

Published by under Lore on Jan. 19. 2012.

Rakghouls are getting a lot of spotlight in The Old Republic. Not only do they dominate the landscape of Taris, but the recent update gives us a brand new rakghoul infested flashpoint to run through.  Many people are calling rakghouls the zombies of TOR (though there have been actual zombies in the Star Wars universe, but that’s an article for another day) and it is easy to see why. They are bloodthirsty beasts who attack everything in sight, and their disease is spread through bites and scratches on their victims. But how did these creatures come to be, and why do they plague the planet Taris so? Today we will look at these things as we strive to understand more about these beasts.

Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Twi’leks

Published by under Lore on Jan. 12. 2012.

Twi’leks are one of the most well known alien species in the Star Wars universe, with their tentacles swinging from their heads and their varied skin colors making them easy to recognize among the denizens of the galaxy. Their species has been seen in almost every role in the galaxy, from Jedi to Sith, from senator to slave. They also happen to be, in my opinion, the least humanoid looking species a player can play in The Old Republic, making them popular among those players who are trying to make their character as unique as possible. Today we will take a look at the cultural and physiological aspects unique to this species. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: The Shan Family

Published by under Lore on Nov. 24. 2011.

Disclaimer: This article will reveal some minor spoilers from Revan, as well as some other novels/comics that have been released regarding The Old Republic.

The Shan family has stood out as one of the most important families in the Old Republic era, with at least two members of the family playing extremely important roles in some of the biggest conflicts during their time. Known for their prodigious talent in whatever area of expertise they specialized in, the Shan family has the ability to get things done. With their tendency to be tied into the grand scheme of things, it is important to look back on what this family has contributed to the galaxy, and their members’ roles in moving the story of The Old Republic forward. Continue Reading »

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Spoiler Free “Revan” Review

Published by under Lore on Nov. 17. 2011.

Unless you have been avoiding the internet and any sort of Star Wars news entirely in the past month, you know that Drew Karpyshyn’s newest book, Revan, was released this Tuesday. The hype surrounding this novel is huge, not only for the fact that it wraps up the loose ends of what happened to Revan after Knights of the Old Republic but for the fact that it releases the first pieces of background information about the mysterious Emperor of the Sith Empire. But the million credit question is this, should you pick up the book for yourself or just find all the important information out online? I shall endeavor to help you answer that question with my spoiler free review. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Revan

Published by under Lore on Nov. 10. 2011.

Revan. The very name floods you with memories from Knights of the Old Republic. Revan is one of the most memorable and beloved characters in the Expanded Universe, both because of his history and his role in one of the most popular Star Wars games of all time. He started as a prodigal Jedi Knight who led the Republic to victory in the Mandalorian Wars before becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith bent on subjugating the Republic to his will. Despite a near death experience, he returned to the Light Side and defeated the Sith Empire that he himself created. Then he vanished, never to be heard from again. Revan’s life after the events of KOTOR is a mystery, but Drew Karpyshyn’s upcoming Revan novel should finally fill us in on what adventures Revan undertook after his role in bringing down the Sith Empire he helped create. In anticipation of this novel I will be filling you in on everything we already know about Revan, how and why he entered the Mandalorian Wars, why he fell to the Dark Side, and how he returned to the Jedi. Join me as I dive into the history of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters of all time. Continue Reading »

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