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Important SDCC Info for SWTOR fans

Published by under SDCC 2011 on Jul. 12. 2011.

We’ve mentioned a few days back that The Old Republic will have a strong presence at this year’s Comic Con and that there will be an off site Bioware station, in a hotel near by, where people will be able to get their hands on all sorts of games, including TOR. David Bas,, Community manager for SWTOR, also started organizing a special event for all those interested in visiting the BioWare Base at the Hilton Gaslamp. It is a special, prolonged gameplay session where you will be able to try out one of the starter flashpoints, Black Talon for the Empire classes or Esseles for the Republic. There is a limited number of seats available for these sessions on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night (July 21-23). If you want to take part in one of these you will need to RSVP for a chance to play. To participate the following needs to happen:

Photo ID will be required for entry. Please note that incomplete RSVP emails WILL NOT be considered for invites. We cannot guarantee your first choice of play time or Flashpoint.
Gather the following information:
– Full name (as shown on your ID)
– Preferred Night: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
– Preferred Time: 7PM or 8PM
– Preferred Flashpoint: Esseles (Republic) or Black Talon (Empire)
Email all of the above info to with the subject line: “RSVP for Flashpoint Gameplay at Comic-Con” by 10AM CST on Wednesday, July 13th.

Please note that anyone who wishes to play must send their own RSVP, and invites are non-transferable. Feel free to ask any questions you have below, but do NOT RSVP in this thread!

You can read more about the whole thing in the initial forum post David made and the followup instructional post.
The most interesting thing I find about this is that people will be able to get their hands on the Esseles flashpoint for the first time. I’d really like to hear impressions on that, so if any of you are intending to go we will more than gladly publish your impressions article on SWTOR Life.

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E3 2011 Predictions and Speculations about SWTOR

Published by under E3 on May. 31. 2011.


Going to a convention for a game you are following is always a magical time, especially if it is Star Wars The Old Republic MMO by Bioware! Join me, SwtorCrafter,  as I get ready to go to E3 in Los Angeles on the 6th!

Bring the awesome Bioware, I double dog dare you!  😛

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Playing the Imperial Agent – Part 3 – Exploration

Published by under SWTOUR on May. 04. 2011.

During the first Fan Site Summit Bioware organized for members of the Fan Sites that write about their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, we had a chance to sit down for 2 days and play the game. These are impressions from our hands on experience and they are divided into the following segments:

  1. Combat
  2. Story
  3. Exploration
  4. General

You should also check out Swtorcrafter’s Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions for another view of the hands on experience.
DISCLAIMER: Everything discussed here is subject to change. The version of the game we played was not even the latest build that was about to hit the beta servers around the time we visited Austin. Please, take all of the things said here with a grain of salt. Through testing and player feedback things drastically change.
I will be covering exploration in The Old Republic in this part of my Imperial Agent hands on series of articles. Why exploration? It has become a lost art of MMO design. As developers moved towards creating more accessible games in order to reach the widest audience possible they chose to hold the players’ hand every step of the way and take them down a predefined path. This made exploration a moot point since there was nothing outside that laid out path. Massive Multiplayer games are, however, a perfect setting for exploration. With its massive lands that take hours to walk across you should be able to find things that none else saw before. Little gems of lore and land that game designers left for those inquisitive types of players. Does Bioware provide something like that in The Old Republic?
Click here to read more about my exploring adventures with the Imperial Agent

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Playing the Imperial Agent – Part 2 – Story

Published by under Events,gameplay,Imperial Agent,SWTOUR on May. 03. 2011.

During the first Fan Site Summit Bioware organized for members of the Fan Sites that write about their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, we had a chance to sit down for 2 days and play the game. These are impressions from our hands on experience and they are divided into the following segments:

  1. Combat
  2. Story
  3. Exploration
  4. General

You should also check out Swtorcrafter’s Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions for another view of the hands on experience.

In this article I will talk about the famous Story component BioWare has been focusing on as a main pillar of this MMORPG. If you know Bioware you know their strongest asset is great story. That is why I wanted to fight “The Man” and try and break that aspect of the game. I am an ex World of Warcraft player. Your story does not concern me. Give me quests and point me to where I can shoot stuff. There will be some spoilers in this article, but I will try and spare you as much as I can and warn you upfront when spoiler is incoming.

Click here to read why I think this is the best Bioware game ever made

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Playing the Imperial Agent – Part 1 – Combat

Published by under gameplay,Imperial Agent,SWTOUR on May. 01. 2011.

During the first Fan Site Summit Bioware organized for members of the Fan Sites that write about their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, we had a chance to sit down for 2 days and play the game. These are impressions from our hands on experience and they are divided into the following segments:

  1. Combat
  2. Story
  3. Exploration
  4. General

You should also check out Swtorcrafter’s Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions for another view of the hands on experience.
In this article I will talk about the way combat works in SWTOR. I want to talk in detail about the skills my character had at its disposal during my gameplay and what it felt like to fight different types of enemies. I managed to get to level 6 on my own and I played a flashpoint with a level 9 character.
I’ve set a goal on playing the game outside of my usual gaming patterns. I usually read the quest text and do every quest I can find and I really hate to grind. I spend hours exploring and finding groups to do some cool stuff. In this case, I approached the game a bit different. I wanted to skip as much dialogue as I could to see if the game is still fun when I “break” the story element and I went off hunting mobs at random and outside my level range to see what it felt like. With all that in mind I sat at my designated computer and faced my scrawny imperial agent character. I felt sorry for the poor guy, he was in for some pain.
Click here to read more about the Imperial Agent and his combat skills

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Swtorcrafter’s Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions

Published by under SWTOUR on Apr. 29. 2011.


I was recently given the opportunity to play the Bounty Hunter class in an origin world experience at the  first ever Bioware Fan Site Summit.  It was a fun time indeed and I am thankful for the opportunity.  It has answered a lot of questions for me personally about more than just the class, but on a broader level of having to do with my views on the game.

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Swtorcrafter’s impressions from Bioware’s Fan Site Summit 2011

Published by under SWTOUR on Apr. 28. 2011.

It was like a dream come true, the fact that I was part of a site that was recognized by Bioware as worthy of attending their first ever “Fan Site Summit of 2011”.  I am still having a hard time comprehending it all, and I think the events of the last few days are just now starting to soak in now that I am finally at home and can pause long enough to reflect.

Please click here to read SWTORCrafter’s Full impressions about the Fan Site Summit

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Bioware! is in Ur Base! (well, not yet but almost)

Published by under Breaking News,community news,Events,Site news,SWTOUR on Apr. 18. 2011.


As it is finally the 18th in my time zone, I can now officially announce that representation from will be going to Bioware headquarters in Austin, Texas to take part in an on site, fan site event held by Bioware. The event will start on the 24th and last through the 26th of April and Bioware has graciously offered to bring us there for this grand time.


Me, Derek “Swtorcrafter” Green and my partner in this grand adventure,  Serge “Swtorlife” Stanarevic will do our very best, to bring you, the fans of the Old Republic, the best coverage and information we can. Our goal is to bring you all as close to the action as we are allowed to. We have interviews planned, live picture blogs of our journey through this adventure via Twitter, and of course you can count on our witty and informative articles to satiate your appetite for Star Wars The Old Republic information!


Although we are probably going to have to hide from Daniel Erickson cause we know he wants to kick our butts for our portrayal of him in gungan attire,



and we might just have to hide from Blaine Christine as well so he doesn’t try to drag us into a LARP game!




Be sure to stay tuned to this site and also through Twitter for all the action from the fan sites and the Developers using the hashtag #SWTOUR (great name!  -credit to @rockjaw -aka- Stephen Reid, Senior Community Manager for Bioware)


You can follow the Swtor-Life team through Twitter at the following accounts, @SwtorLife, @SWTORCRAFTER, @MrWarlock_, @Grant__D, @ForceMeridian and @BorukBH


We hope that you will follow us and join us in this grand adventure!


I would like to make a personal thank you to Bioware for this opportunity!  They have done much more for me and my partner Serge than provide a way for us to enjoy what is to be one of the most awesome events in SWTOR pre-release history, they have given friends the opportunity to meet in real life.


Some of you that know us here, may know that I am located in the Central United States and Serge is located In Serbia.  While we are fully committed to making this fan site one of the best in the community for SWTOR, we never actually thought we would get the chance to meet in real life because of obvious distance issues.  Bioware, thank you, you have made our dream of one day meeting a reality, we will never forget this!








(almost 😛 )

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UK Event Revelations

Published by under Events,news on Apr. 12. 2011.

Means this guy will probably drown

It has been a week since fans of the Old Republic were able to play the game at the London event. As with any hands-on event, we were flooded with impressions and information from people that got to play the game. The cool thing is that most of these impressions come from your regular gamers and not the gaming press or fansites since very few got to be there (or are under an embargo). What I found encouraging that most impressions were very positive, even from people that used to be skeptics before. Here’s a compilation of the most important things we’ve learned from the event and surprisingly most of these are rather big and brand new revelations. Sources for most of these are the transcript of the Q&A after the event by DogHouseGamer and player impressions found in this thread on the official forum. I would also suggest visiting Moon Over Endor and reading their great hands-on impressions, or listening to Aartan Away podcast as they were also at the event.

  • At this time companion characters are allowed in flashpoints and they occupy a live player’s spot (so if you have two players with one companion each in a group none else will be able to join unless a companion is “de-summoned”). It was said at the event that:

    CCs are powerful but they are not the same as having smart humans nor are they equal in power. So on a less difficult Flashpoint with amazing players or players that had a couple extra levels it’s likely possible to two man or three man them but I will say that when Alex and I (*Daniel Erickson) tried to two-man the Heroics on Dromund Kaas with our CCs we got stomped flat.

  • There is a Social points mechanic. You get social points when you win multiplayer dialogue stuff. They’re things that say “hey, I’m a social guy. I talk to other players.” Social points will be used to purchase “thing you can use to socialize with”.
  • In hard to reach or seldom visited places on planets there are Datacrons that can be collected and that will permanently increase one of your base stats. There are very few of these on each planet and are designed as an exploration reward. Kandycane is the first person ever seen to get one at an event.
  • Daniel Erickson confirmed that players will earn titles as they progress through The Old Republic. Often cited examples were titles for Sith players including Darth and Lord.
  • There are light side and dark side icons on the dialogue wheel if you are using the mouse. If you are using number keys to pick dialogue options, you’ll never see them. So if you hate the idea of choosing wrong, you’re going to be a mouse user for dialogue. If you hate the idea of hand holding you’ll be a number key player. Best of both worlds.
  • The number of slots in a player’s inventory will be upgradeable, though it may take some saving in order to afford increasing your total slots. Reports tell that the first inventory upgrade costs 15,000 credits. For context, the average low-level mob drops about 20 credits.
  • Codex entries will automatically fill in as players enter new areas, these will be essential for both the completionist and the lore-lover.
  • Swimming is not implemented in the game and is not planned for launch! The explanation behind this is that there is no content associated to water surfaces and the feature needs a lot of man hours to be made properly, so they chose to put more important stuff in the game for launch instead. (Read the full explanation by Georg Zoeller here)
  • Class quest answers are not arranged by Dark Side/Light Side but by class appropriateness. So the most “Boba Fett” response (curt, professional, all business) goes on the top of the Bounty Hunter. The most “Vader” on top of the Sith Warrior etc. So if you’re playing purely to your class fantasy you can just keep moving along easily. So in similar situations a Sith Warrior might have a “[Kill Him]” option as a first response but an Inquisitor might have it second and the first response might be trying to look deeper at the situation and discover what’s really going on.

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London Hands-on Event Impressions

Published by under Events,gameplay on Apr. 05. 2011.

UK gamers playing SWTOR

Pure joy on their faces

As we reported earlier today, there is a hands-on event being held in London today where lucky people that applied for a pass at the official forums are now enjoying all SWTOR has to offer. They all get to visit the Origin worlds and here are the first impressions from the gamers.

deanogee @ official forums said:

I thought the (Jedi Knight) gameplay was pretty smooth and the story progressed nicely as your were immersed straight away into a “heroes” role. Despite playing for an hour It felt like I was only a small percentage of the way through the sub plot upon the orgin world Typhon, progressing only 2-3 levels in the process. Nevertheless with the whole game being bigger than every single previous BioWare project put together I see this story lasting a very long time and loads of tiny sub-plots along the way.

p.s Titles are confimed (i.e Darth’s, Lord’s etc) and you apparently hit the advanced classes around lv 10.

I also found the two Jedi Knight buffs at the start allowed either you to buff yourself so you did more damage, or/and buff players around you.

Plus in pretty much every fight you are in – an enemy drops something which you can pick up.

Darth-Reaver @ official forums said:

Ok so i just want to say it was great to meet and chat to Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid

So i played the Sith Warrior for half my time and the other half i played a Bounty
Hunter, the game runs nice and smooth quest system was easy to follow.

Combat is very similar to WOW both mele and ranged, i did find vendors, trainers and a taxi system on my short travels.

the games is looking very good, however i did notice some very minor bugs while i was playing.

But very fun to play.

We had a small Q&A after with Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid and as others have said Darth Titles are confirmed I asked if there was still going to be an open Beta before release and i was told “No Comment”

We got a cool poster that i got signed and choice of T-Shirt, i got the Sith one

Ilmarian @ Twitter said:

Had an awesome evening at #SWTORGB Big thanks to everyone at Bioware for making this happen. I think #SWTOR is the first true mmoRPG!

qmyn @ Twitter said:

#swtorgb was totally surreal. The BioWare guys are truly inspiring. Amazing game coming to a galaxy near you soon.

aartanaway @ Twitter said:

  • Play time is nearly over, having fun but there is just not enough time!!!
  • Smuggler – fun play quite a lot of ducking/diving, fun ranged stuff. Game isnt too buggy but there are a few annoying things.
  • Jedi guardian – much more fun opening area IMHO, some beautiful graphics. Combat feels great with the test sabre 🙂

You can find more impressions as they come in on the official forum thread or on Twitter.

Update with more impressions and pics:

Dariel at the official forums said:

Played a Sith Inquisitor tonight at the event.

Only got to level 4 but I absolutely loved the voice over. Even the random NPCs standing around which don’t have much of a purpose are talking to each other and they have voice over too whilst they chat, continuously found my self stopping and listening to what they had to gossip about.

The phased story areas were pretty awesome definitely felt very cinematic and heroic every time you went into one. I had one scenario where I was interrogating a guy and had the options to reason with him, talk trash or just straight up electrocute him . There were some traditional kill x and collect y but nothing in terms of having to grind mobs as you were usually leading yourself to the next part of a story or phased area.

At level 4 i had 4 attack abilities and 1 buff, i only learned from the trainer twice and peeked at what i could expect, i can truly say i was always excited to level in that respect. I had learned force lightning at level 3 and overload which was a AOE knockback at 4.

Combat did feel a little button smashy at first until i did get overload which sort of put me into a bit of a rotation but can’t comment much past that with only being so few levels in.

Questions were answered in the last 15 minutes, highlights of that were : No companions in Warzones, there will be titles e.g Darth / Lord etc Daniel Erickson briefly explained they were ranks you gain but nothing else on that, no more planet announcements, flashpoints can have companions but only filling the main 4 group spots.

At the end of the event we all got decieved posters (choice of malgus or the jedi) which Daniel Erickson, Stephen Reid and Gabe Amatangelo signed and a choice of Empire and Republic Shirts.

matteh at the official forums said:

I played the trooper, had a great time playing grouped with another 2 troopers

One thing mentioned is that we were playing off the NA servers and there are no European servers currently (I could stand corrected on how far along they are) but could show how far/close are from release or open beta.

Took me about an hour and a half to get to level 5.5 skipping a few conversations to get a bit further. Also there is a queue group/solo button for joining warzones don’t know if its been mentioned before. I ejoyed the mini map and the whole transparent part of it. The questing as a group was well put together. Any of other questions about the trooper or the gameplay I’ll be happy to answer

Nighthaunterz at the official forums had a very long post that you can read in its entirety here. Here are the most important things to know:

There is no swimming in the game.
There is a maximum of 4 characters in a flashpoint, this limit includes companions.
There is auto facing, it is odd.
NPCs could shoot through solid objects, maybe a bug.
There will be no other major planets announced (planets whith 10+ hours gameplay).
Staying alive is pretty easy, you can handle 5+ mobs at once.
There were class specific areas in certain buildings.
There was a clear indication of when you were choosing a light side or dark side answer prior to getting points.
You can refuse quests through conversations.
The voice acting is very good.
There is an ear equipment slot…
I didn’t notice any weather.

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