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My Ten Most Anticipated Updates

Published by under Blog on Jun. 23. 2011.



I’ve seen many a Friday update come and go while following SWTOR. So I, like you, have had to ride the roller-coaster ride BioWare gives us each and every week.

We are all waiting for different things to come to light, some solid information on something that has had been shown for the breathiest of moments.


Well, these are mine. You may notice I will not mention Raids or Quests in my top ten list as I would like to experience these things in-game.


This is my list of the holly grail of reveals in reverse order of importance for me –


10 – Ship Customisation

This subject has been thrown around quite a bit in and around the forums. BioWare has said that space combat will be like a mini game. Yet I see it as so much more.

If you can custom your ships in any way shape or form it will for me at least increase the game play no end. Simple things like changing the colours or a small change in the way the ship looks when you get new armor upgrades, weapons and better engines would make it way more fun for me. Without them I guess I would only dabble in space combat as it does not improve my ground combat skills.



9 Races

A final tally of which races will be in the release of TOR and which class specific races will we have to choose from.

We already know a little about this yet the final number is still unknown. Most of the classes have 2 given races that future players will have the pick from. Though it would be nice to have all of them listed so I and many others can start to plan ahead.

I guess if the alien races that BioWare give us are not to are liking we have the old faithful humans to fall back on. Just a heads up before the game hits would go long way, and would at least let us plan ahead.


8 Character Creator

Now who wouldn’t freak-out if BioWare release a pre-game character creator download before launch ?

Getting you avatar right at the start of an mmo is something many will spend a great deal of time over. I’ve done it myself spent 2 hours tweaking every aspect of face, body and hair to just get the right look.

From a dark evil-looking PK class, to an over worked crafter looks are important in expressing yourself in the game world. It’s true in mmo’s as in the real world that the first impression counts. I like to model the class I play to the role it will take in-game, this is where the mmo for me starts well before I step foot into the world. So this is a very important update I will lookout for before lunch.



7 Guilds

Guilds are the life blood of every server.

BioWare have one of the best per-game set-ups in the SWTOR guild page. No one to my knowledge have had a pre-game guild recruitment page and also set a matching service so you can be pinned on the same server as another guild.

We still know next to nothing about how the guild structure will look. What benefits guilds will have and what tools they will have at their disposal. This update will be on the list of almost every guild leader so they can make a start at planning the structures of their given guilds.


6 Character Customization

Unlike the character creator, this is something you can alter within the game as you progress. Every from light/dark side alignment, weapons, armor and all manner of loot drops and craft-able items. As gamers we do not like to look the same as everyone else who is playing the same class as we are. Having some customization in-game is a small way to separate us from the masses.

Even a small option to change the colours of your armor sets will prove to be a great addition to TOR. Once players start to raid players start to look almost the same. With the option of just adding a colour changer for you items just gives you the feel of not being the same as every other class that stumble across in the world.



5 End-Game Activity’s

Make no bones about it, end-game activity’s of all kinds prolong the life of the game tenfold, this also includes mini games. BioWare have already said that there are systems that they have not even revealed.

We already know that PvP, Raids, Space Combat and crafting should be considered as end-game content. These things we do when we reach max level, but what else will be in when the game is released and in future expansions.

I wait each and every week with bated breath to get a glimpse at what we will be doing other than your normal mmo end-game content. Mini game may be seen as fluff for the mmo, but it’s just adds that little something that makes the game so much more enjoyable.



4 Pricing and MT’s

We already know SWTOR is going to have sub’s on par with other mmo’s. This has proven to be the best way to turn a good profit for high population mmo in the past. I can see TOR having a more than ample player base to keep the game away from the free to play (F2P) model than many games now have falling into.

Not having a good amount of players in your game going F2P can turn a loss into a profit, yet the top mmo’s still make more following the monthly sub plan.

MT’s. Love or hate them, the topic will not just go away.

You can make a heap of cash just from MT transactions, but doing them wrong can have a devastation effect on your game. I’m all for vanity items that have little to no effect on you stats or how you play the game. Buying items just to make you stand out from the rest of the players is not going to make you rebel against the game.

Trinket items should be the only thing if any that you can get from any form of MT transactions. Above all BioWare and EA should never give weapons armors or elite companions by the way of MT’s. If anyone is under any illusion that TOR will by pass any form of MT’s then they are living in a dream world. EA and BioWare have already shown in single player games the value they place in this form or payment from gamers.

It may come in the way of added content/ server switch for your class and those all important vanity pets and mounts that are the must have item of the month. TOR would be one of the only high-profile mmo’s on the market if they bypassed this form of added income to the game. So it’s not a case of if but how the MT’s will work when  the game goes live.


3 Crafting

We know quite a lot about crafting already yet there are a few slots left open. We could take a wild guess at them and speculate all over the place. But it would be nice to see what the remaining skills will be, and more importantly which class is better at crafting what gear.

That little crafter is craving more info on crafting so I rate this update unlocking the rest of the skills very high on my list.


2 Release Date

Well it has to be there. If this is not in anyone’s top ten list of anticipated updates I would call you mad. The release is one of the most speculated topic’s on the fo rums ever since they went live many moons ago.


1 The Legacy System

This for me is the only thing that could top the importance of a release date. It had the breathiest of mentions around 12-18 months ago then the trail surrounding it when cold.

For a start if the legacy gives your traits from one class to used on another when you re-roll a new avatar it would change my selection of my starting class. A class I called out way before it was even released.

I’m not even sure it’s even still in or if BioWare has scrapped the idea all together. What ever the answer is, it could be a game changer. It also maybe as  slight as keeping the same last name or having a new race unlocked for a class that was unable to use before.

The fact that nothing has been said about it for so long worries me a little.


Well these are the updates I long for each and every week.


So until next time, MrWarlock signing off.

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8 Responses to “My Ten Most Anticipated Updates”

  1. SWTORHispanoon 23 Jun 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Great article!

    Good recopilation about swtor updates.

    Carry on!

  2. Derimoson 24 Jun 2011 at 6:55 am

    Really nice.
    Pre-game char creator – hell yeah! That would be a new game for me in pre-release months :).

  3. Gyureeon 24 Jun 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Legacy is still in the game, yet we know nothing about it.

  4. Mikeon 24 Jun 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Erickson said at E3 that it was highly unlikely that a pre-launch character creator would be released like with Dragon Age. His reasoning was that due to the architecture of the game it was too taxing to isolate that specific part of the game for stand-alone release.

    E3 also had brief mention of ship customization, in that it’ll likely be put in post-launch (but before customization of personal vehicles).

  5. swtorcrafteron 24 Jun 2011 at 8:22 pm

    great article bud. I would totally agree with your wants as they mirror mine very closely except the priority I give the rest of the crafting info, I needs that to be #1 top priority. Hurry up Bioware dammit! 🙂

  6. Lazybuddhaon 25 Jun 2011 at 3:44 am

    First off well written, I always like the articles here Just adding my 2 cents for what its worth:

    10 – From what I gather There will be no real customization at launch for ships
    9 – I still honestly believe the race combos that were in the article of pc gamer are legit. Meaning cyborg is the only one left for them to tell us about.
    8 – They have already stated they are not doing a pre game character creator.
    7 – I have a feeling that the guild system will be basic at launch I know they want to do a lot with it but I think they have other things to work on and seeing as they are in polish mode if it not in yet, most likely sometime after launch. Thought a level system like wow would be GREAT
    6 – They have a large amount of armor sets so I think that’s how they are dealing with the no look alike thing. I believe they have said they are not doing a dye system.
    5 – They want to add mini games but again, they are in polish so I wouldn’t get our hopes up about them being in.
    4 – The investor calls have talked about subscriptions, and even with most F2P mmos they still have the monthly option
    3 – Again the whole list has be put out there in Gaming Mags, However what does what and how the research system works are still questions.
    1 – I have a feeling it will be some type of gear you can pass on to your alts once you hit max level or something like that, This is one of the few things I want to know about.

  7. To MT or Not MT… | Swtor Lifeon 27 Jun 2011 at 11:13 pm

    […] very own MrWarlock penned a delightful piece highlighting the 10 updates he anticipated the most, and one of these got me thinking – what sorts of plans do you imagine BioWare might have […]

  8. Seanon 29 Jun 2011 at 3:51 am

    Thank you for bringing up the legacy system that was mentioned a while back. It has been a terrible itch in the back of my mind every time I start thinking about what I want to play as my main. Depending on how this is handled, a person may have to level a series of characters to get the bonuses they want for a main.