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CAD SWTOR Comic – The Gift Season

Published by under humor on Dec. 28. 2011.

Ctrl-Alt-Del webcomic has been a favorite pass time of mine for many years now. The author, Tim Buckley, is a dedicated gamer and as such he started playing SWTOR lately. This has sprung up several SWTOR themed comics. I’m attaching his latest one here but I highly recommend you go over to his site and browse through his comics because they are a lot of fun and lately very much SWTOR related.

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Star Wars: The naughty and nice list.

Published by under Game Mechanics,gameplay,humor on Dec. 27. 2011.

SWTOR Launched officially on December 20th, 2012.  No shit right?  You literally have to either have your head so far up BF3/CoD’s ass that all you see is cross-hairs and snipers in every window, or give less of a shit about video games than a common rat-turd, in which case THIS IS NOT THE ARTICLE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.  MOVE ALONG.

The launch was far and away one of the smoothest I have ever experienced, including WoW, Aion, Warhammer, Galaxies, Global Agenda, Matrix online, and a plethora of other that stuttered, fell, and bled to death right in front of our eyes on launch day (WoW and Aion excluded).  Now all the juicy tidbits come out.


Here is my naughty and nice list for SWTOR.  Pro’s and cons, salt and pepper, The Doctor and the Daleks.

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Launch Beard Removed

Published by under humor,video on Dec. 19. 2011.

It is the day before SWTOR launch and it is time to get rid of that scruffy look! Several months ago it became a thing to grow a beard until Star Wars The Old Republic launches. Greg Zeschuk, one of Bioware founders, started growing one, Daniel Erickson had one and we are sure many other working in the game felt it appropriate to grow one. A lot of fans also joined in on the fun (like people from and torhangout) and stopped shaving until the wait was finally over and the game was out. Guess what – we wouldn’t be Living The Old Republic if we didn’t do a launch beard as well. With a lot of sacrifice and spouse aggro I grew one of my own. This was the first time in my life I had a beard this big. It went really well along with the development of as well. I decided to shave it the first day of Early Access. It felt appropriate to lose the beard the moment the first people are able to create permanent characters on SWTOR servers. This was a very fun thing for me and I wanted to share this with all the SWTOR fans out there. So, without further ado, SWTOR Launch Beard video – SWTOR Life style:


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Published by under humor on Dec. 16. 2011.

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Turtles with lightsabers

Published by under humor on Oct. 23. 2011.

It is Sunday evening. Lets have a nice chuckle before dreaded Monday.

Turtles With Lightsabers GIF - Turtles With Lightsabers
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Better than Pandas IMHO.

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I’m a mmo god. Hear me craft.

Published by under Blog,Crafting,Editorial,humor on Aug. 11. 2011.

Crafting. Yes crafting. The all elusive, god forbid, sucks to level, identical item, farm your ass off, kill a ni-hao slinging bot for a node, shoot your best friend in the face for a plot on dantooine… crafting.  I will admit it. I was a crafter.  Yes. the man you look at today, whom rated a whopping 4 in the wow arena system, the lord of murder, Flagg, the god of pvp carnage and utter destruction was a crafter.  All jokes aside, In SWG. I loved that shit.  LOVED it.  Lived for it. Hell, I’ll admit it. I sold gold (credits) to websites, that resold my gold.  I sold so much of it, i lived on it for 2 years….. no joke.  2200.00 a month. It was heaven.  Then it all changed… wait…what the fuck am i babbling on about now…. Oh the glory days. Back to it then… Crafting.


I really want to get back to it. I want an inquisitor for leveling (my full video on ustream thingy) but for gods sake, I want to grind and level a jedi knight crafter.  A “Force Architect”(@flagg20011-2099). if you will. The crystal making , lightsaber wielding mofo.   The man with the plan.  Or whatever.


The thing is, after reading a few 1/2 assed reviews on the crafting, then reading one post beta guy.. Shit, I cant wait.  He ranted and raved about it, being a crafter from swg himself. Good god that’s tough optimism  to try to break. He went on about how engaging it was, how wonderful it was to craft sex droids, how exciting it was to kill jawas and use their soul to fuel his deadly machine based one demons from….oh wait, wrong game.  The point is he loved it. And I’ll be honest here. I know a lot of people who talk out of school and said the same. The crafting system is fun as hell, unique, and phenomenal.


You know how hard it is to find a game with good engaging crafting? How utterly mindbogglingly hard?  Impossible is the proper term. It’s so bad it almost seems as if these days most companies throw it in as some sore-ass abused after-though of some overworked department full of burnouts.  Not so here, I hope.  How do you guys feel?  This week is my monthly questionnaire, first (and most likely only month) to do this before Derek and Serge shut me down like cancer in a radiation lab.


Q:  Are you excited about crafting?  If so, give 3 reasons.  If not, Post a link to a picture of a cool jawa.

Q: Have you ever thought about drawing or animating a sexy alien chick. Even after a drug fueled binge of “heavy metal” and peyote? if not, please tell us your favorite color, and a 300 word essay on what makes that color whup monkey-ass.

Q: Is time travel possible.  Seriously. I want to know.

Q:Do you play “World of Tanks” and when you kill a tank do you yell ” You underestimate the power of the dark side!”  IF not, explain why you like 90210 in less than 7 words.

Q: Ever get in an argument over your Halloween costume…after you turned 20?

Q: Is the only reason you like Harrison Ford at all:  A: HAN SOLO  /  B: INDIANA JONES   ?

Q: Is there a way to travel faster than light? Think, tachyon…

Q: Do you love swtor?


I eagerly await your ramblings!


P.S. Notice the sarcasm and fucking lack of fucking cussing i did in the fucking article.  Wo-fucking-rd to your mothers uncle.




Love you all. Seriously….


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Published by under Blog,humor on Jul. 14. 2011.

It’s hard to get away from the hype and anticipation surrounding TOR’s release date since the start of the year.
Spring has come and gone and we find ourselves smack in the middle of summer. Conventions are dotted almost to the years end. We sit and hope that the next event will bring news that we are all hoping for.
Event when BioWare flat-out say no release date will be given, we hope for a date that they will be releasing the date of said release date. It has taken over our minds and it’s all-consuming and little else matters.

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StarWars TOR: Bedazzled Edition

Published by under Blog,humor on Jul. 09. 2011.

Good day my fellow SWTOR enthusiasts.  Let me start off by saying how much I regret not being able to annoy the s**t out of you wonderful people for a  few weeks due to a Move, Girlfriend, Shitty internet, Near heart attack, Medication change, Philly-Cheese steak obsession, and my personal penchant to stuff two badgers in a pillowcase and watch them fight it out like two hookers on the Vegas strip fighting over some japanese high roller.  I missed you all about as much as a herpes outbreak during spring break.
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The Train

Published by under humor on Jul. 06. 2011.

There has been a metaphor running around SWTOR forums and official twitter accounts for quite some time now. I am not sure what is the earliest mention of this metaphor, but looking at the developer tracker I would say that this is the initial post:

I’ve said before that an announcement as big as release date will be so big, it’ll come thundering towards us and we’ll all hear it long before it arrives. That train’s coming… but so far, I’d just say we’ve laid down some early track.

Train speeding down the tracks making “Choo Choo” noises is what represents the announcement of the SWTOR Release date and its eventual release. Metaphor turned SWTOR meme has only been amplified by Stephen Reid, Senior Community Manager, with him using it extensively. It has come to that point where Mr. Reid received a gift, a train conductor’s hat, to be worn when the Day comes, as described in the following tweets:

swtor train conductor's hat

Someone sent me a hat. I won’t tell you what it is, because knowing you lot, you’ll freak out. But person who sent it? It’s here. Link (July 1. 2011.)
Disclaimers: Hat does not imply anything. It is merely a hat. No train is coming (yet). Do not panic. Do not adjust your set. Link (July 1. 2011.)
The hat in question was bought FOR me, not by me, and I said I would wear it (in a photo) when The Day Comes. (And it hasn’t yet.) Link (July 1. 2011.)
@Rockjaw So when we do see a tweet that says “Choo Choo!” and has a pic of you in the hat we should THEN get excited? 🙂 Link (July 1. 2011.)
Re: previous tweet – yes, something like that. Link (July 1. 2011.)

In line with all this I have decided to alter SWTOR Life website by adding a train countdown. Our train is Imperial Hover Train racing towards the finish line that has “release date” written on it. I have made it so that the train moves closer to the finish line as each day passes. It will move only a couple of pixels per day, but in a week or so the movement should be much more apparent. I have chosen the finish line to be reached on December 31. 2011., because in line with all we know from official sources the game should be out this year and that is the last day of this year. Once we find out what is the exact release date I will modify the finish line and the train’s relative position to it in line with new information. If you think I should add something more to it (like actual number of days left or something) please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. I always wanted to put a countdown to release date somewhere on the site and I believe that using the train meme metaphor is a perfect way to accomplish this. All that is left is to watch that train move, painstakingly slow, each day.

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Smugglers Keep it Dirty

Published by under humor,Smuggler,video on Jun. 28. 2011.

I think there might be something wrong with me. For whatever reason I periodically get obsessed by the Smuggler’s “Dirty Kick” skill. You know that one stun skill that comes from the Smuggler kicking people in the nads? Yes, that one. I, personally do not fancy getting hit in the balls, nor hitting other people, so I really can’t tell what the source of this obsession is. Nevertheless, I have already created a webcomic about it and today I got this idea in my head that I just had to bring to life. Without further ado I present to you the “Ode to Smuggler” video.

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