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Smugglers Keep it Dirty

Published by under humor,Smuggler,video on Jun. 28. 2011.

I think there might be something wrong with me. For whatever reason I periodically get obsessed by the Smuggler’s “Dirty Kick” skill. You know that one stun skill that comes from the Smuggler kicking people in the nads? Yes, that one. I, personally do not fancy getting hit in the balls, nor hitting other people, so I really can’t tell what the source of this obsession is. Nevertheless, I have already created a webcomic about it and today I got this idea in my head that I just had to bring to life. Without further ado I present to you the “Ode to Smuggler” video.

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On Cover and Gunslinging

Published by under Class,Game Mechanics,gameplay,Imperial Agent,PvP,Skills,Smuggler on May. 25. 2011.

Continuing his streak of highly informative posts on the main SWTOR forums, Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller, voted most likely in his class to scream out “Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale!” at inappropriate times,  stopped by once more to enlighten us about Smugglers and their Cover mechanics.


Georg Zoeller - The Wookiee Whisperer

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Twi’lek, Wookies and Smugglers Take Over Friday

Published by under Smuggler on Sep. 24. 2010.

Image found at

I admit, I expected a smuggler update last Friday and I was wrong. I admit, I did not expect the smuggler update this Friday and that is exactly what happened. And what an update it is!
We have the Smuggler page in the Holonet updated with his specializations and new videos and screenshots.
There is also a page on the smuggler’s bad-ass Wookie associate (companion character), Bowdaar, also known as “The Killer from Kashyyyk”. The winner of 10,000 death matches in the arena got his own holonet page in the biographies section.
Just to make things as interesting as possible we are also introduced to smuggler’s spaceship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter. There is a brand new video showcasing the spaceship and we can see several NPCs occupying it. Presumably these are the other smuggler companion characters and one of them seems to be a Mon Calamari! You can watch the video bellow or in our YouTube channel or on the official starship page.
If you thought that is all you were wrong. We also learn that you will be able to make a Twi’lek smuggler and because of that we are presented with an official Twi’lek inhabitants page on the Holonet. Visit it to learn about their natural beauty and charm and what are ‘lekku’ (those head tails they have), and also you can find out why there are so many slave Twi’leks around.

Smuggler Gallery

Smuggler Scoundrel screenshot 1 Smuggler Scoundrel screenshot 2 Smuggler Gunslinger screenshot 1 Smuggler Gunslinger screenshot 2

Smuggler Starship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 1 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 2 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 3 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 4

Smuggler Starship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter Concept Art

Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 1 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 2 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 3

Twi’lek Gallery

Twi\'lek 1 Twi\'lek 2 Twi\'lek 3

You can watch the Smuggler trailer and Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter after the break

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Smuggler trailer leaked

Published by under news,Smuggler,video on Sep. 17. 2010.

Guys at just released a Smuggler class trailer video as part of their new show called Machinima Realm. They got the privilege to release this video a day ahead of everyone else, which probably means that this video was going to be this Friday’s update. The question is: now that the Friday update has been released on a Thursday, what news will I post tomorrow? Despite my editorial troubles, you should enjoy the video. the video shows some smuggler gameplay and I think first shots of how stealth will work and what it will look like. Oh, and there’s a Wookie involved (do I smell a companion character for our Han Solo prototype?). There is a nice dissection of the video over at for all you detail loving fans out there. One more thing before the video, there seems to be no “kick in the groin” action in the smuggler trailer, which kind of sucks. We all know its the best move by a video game character, like, EVAR!!!!1one11eleven!

Smuggler trailer leaked

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