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Launch Beard Removed

Published by under humor,video on Dec. 19. 2011.

It is the day before SWTOR launch and it is time to get rid of that scruffy look! Several months ago it became a thing to grow a beard until Star Wars The Old Republic launches. Greg Zeschuk, one of Bioware founders, started growing one, Daniel Erickson had one and we are sure many other working in the game felt it appropriate to grow one. A lot of fans also joined in on the fun (like people from and torhangout) and stopped shaving until the wait was finally over and the game was out. Guess what – we wouldn’t be Living The Old Republic if we didn’t do a launch beard as well. With a lot of sacrifice and spouse aggro I grew one of my own. This was the first time in my life I had a beard this big. It went really well along with the development of as well. I decided to shave it the first day of Early Access. It felt appropriate to lose the beard the moment the first people are able to create permanent characters on SWTOR servers. This was a very fun thing for me and I wanted to share this with all the SWTOR fans out there. So, without further ado, SWTOR Launch Beard video – SWTOR Life style:


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