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Published by under Blog,humor on Jul. 14. 2011.

It’s hard to get away from the hype and anticipation surrounding TOR’s release date since the start of the year.
Spring has come and gone and we find ourselves smack in the middle of summer. Conventions are dotted almost to the years end. We sit and hope that the next event will bring news that we are all hoping for.
Event when BioWare flat-out say no release date will be given, we hope for a date that they will be releasing the date of said release date. It has taken over our minds and it’s all-consuming and little else matters.

The SWTOR forums are of little help. Any and all posts, snips of information are bent and twisted around. The Devs have to pick their words wisely in the hope that someone will not take it the wrong way and jump on the invisible bandwagon.
But with anything up for grabs its hard to say what are signs pointing to the release date if any. Yet fear not.
None other that Stephen Reid has a way of letting up mindless zombies know when the time is coming.
swtor train conductor's hat
If you see the Guy (Stephen Reid) with this hat on, you have the right to go a little crazy. Not until this time will a release date be given. So now instead of the speculation about the release date. You can now speculate on the hat toting Stephen Reid with a release date soon to follow.
This may now put your thoughts about a release date to rest but it will stop the endless twisting of Dev comments that are around the forms. Well at least I can hope.

So, now its time to watch the forums and follow the conventions for said picture. If you stumble across these 2 pic’s combined I give you the right to go wild.


As I hunt for this picture on the interwebs I’ll slip away.


Untill next time, MrWarlock signing off.

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  1. MrWarlockon 14 Jul 2011 at 4:56 pm

    OMG I hate trying to edit this front-page thingy. It did look a lot better then I click the publish button.