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Star Wars: The naughty and nice list.

Published by under Game Mechanics,gameplay,humor on Dec. 27. 2011.

SWTOR Launched officially on December 20th, 2012.  No shit right?  You literally have to either have your head so far up BF3/CoD’s ass that all you see is cross-hairs and snipers in every window, or give less of a shit about video games than a common rat-turd, in which case THIS IS NOT THE ARTICLE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.  MOVE ALONG.

The launch was far and away one of the smoothest I have ever experienced, including WoW, Aion, Warhammer, Galaxies, Global Agenda, Matrix online, and a plethora of other that stuttered, fell, and bled to death right in front of our eyes on launch day (WoW and Aion excluded).  Now all the juicy tidbits come out.


Here is my naughty and nice list for SWTOR.  Pro’s and cons, salt and pepper, The Doctor and the Daleks.




The Nice List:

1. The story is completely engrossing.  You have 8 complete Star Wars novels to literally live out.  Each with a VERY different feel and skillset. Admittedly there are some mirrors (sith marauder / jedi sentinel, etc) But each makes you FEEL a different way.  When is the last time you looked at your cleric in Aion or Vanguard and said  “Gee, i wonder what he would do in this situation”?  Best guess, never.  (+100)

2. The UI and Interaction elements with coordinated combat.  You really feel as though you are fighting for a cause and reason, although I could do with a bit more travel and speed options, overall the pace, and combat feels important and meaningful. (+75)

3. The level of polish is amazing.  Yes there are a few bugs, but honestly the game is smooth, fast, and gorgeous to look at. I know there are tons of people out there who hate the concept of “stylized graphics”.  If you are one of these people please email me a for a list of games that went with “Cutting edge graphics” and were so outdated within the year, they looked like legos on meth. Ahhh the good old days of spending $400 bucks to upgrade you graphics card to play a game that is dead before it ever lives. (+100)

4. The mmo grind feel simply isnt there. You progress quickly, and you level more from story elements than sheer grinding.  I hate pure grind games, whereas here in SWTOR its more like a endeavor, not a grind. You know something even bigger and better is right around the corner. Your story and the ongoing galactic stuggle is present eveywhere. and you really feel it. (+50)

5. The companion AI is not utterly stupid.  Doesn’t break CC, pull random mobs, or climb trees to pick a fucking apple while 9 mobs are attempting to separate your spinal cord from your body. (+35)

6. The game is just fun. Story, combat, all of it interweave seamlessly.Wanna be the Bounty hunter with the heart of gold? How about the one that brings em in and completes his job every-time, no excuses?  You can do it!  How about a sith warrior that relies on honor and power? Sure!  How about a warrior that is malicious and psychotically violent? That option is there too! (+50)

7. You identify with your toon here more than any game I have ever played.  You begin to care about how your life plays out, your companions, and your place in the universe.  I have NEVER experienced this anywhere else other than Galaxies pre-nge as a master craftsman and merchant. (I made the best republic blasters and geonosian weaponry on the whole damn server) (+150)


The Naughty List

1. The UI.  Totally non-customizable, and about 5 years behind the standard for mmo customization.  I personally hate the shit out of it. (-100)

2. Server Queues.  Nuff said. (-10) <—I always get right in…at 3am when i wake up EST. 😉

3. The lack of options for matching armor, so you don’t run about looking like a metal clad moron that got thrown up on by a rainbow. (-50)

4. The server “Shard” system.  Im standing in the exact same place as someguy im talking to in general chat, but he’s on Coruscant 11 and im on 4. (-15)

5. Travel times: They are atrocious, overdone, not very well designed, and longer than a nazi war criminal list. (-25)

6. Money sinks.  I personally don’t have trouble managing my ingame funds(a  HARD learned lesson after 4 months of beta), but ALOT of people do.  With the atrocious cash sinks at 25, 40, and 50 (bout half a million credits — yes, you read that right) total just to move 90%/100%/110% faster is utterly and unequivocaly fucking stupid. (-50)

7. Huttball.  Its like being in a bar brawl.  The fact 90& of the population have no clue what an “objective” is nor how to pursue one, makes me want to go all “Onyxia is serious bidnees” on my team.. Thank god for no ingame voice at this point or I would most likely be banned already. (-25)

8. Some of the choices.  They are hard, and man I aint joking. I’m generally a somewhat nice guy in person with asshole tendencies, but to go pure dark side you really REALLY have to be one evil sonva-bitch.  Kill em all, let the burning wreckage sort em out.  Same with light side.  You gotta be one altruistic give till it hurts ass kisser to go full light.   I have yet to see any benefits whatsoever fro neutral or “grey” toons.  That in itself is a bit disturbing. (-25)


Thats 110 additional point for “GO BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW”

Keep in mind we have the 30 day patch to look forward to, 90 day patch, and constant weekly maintenance and mini-patches.

Bottom line? The force is strong with this one.  If you’re discarding this game because of silly ideas about graphics or some of the other whipped-to-death-25times-over-dumbass reason. Get over it.  Login origin, get your key, and get started

Feel Free to come harass myself and SWTORCRAFTER on “Sith Meditation Sphere”

Toon names: Empire: Flagg, Vrock, Kerberos, Khezef.

Our guild ” Convergence” Is also accepting new members at this time.


Until then, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, but it’s time to get this Juggernaut moving.  Until then:

“Murder and Mayhem Await”


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6 Responses to “Star Wars: The naughty and nice list.”

  1. SuviciouSon 27 Dec 2011 at 4:05 pm

    5. The companion AI is not utterly stupid. Doesn’t break CC, pull random mobs, or climb trees to pick a fucking apple while 9 mobs are attempting to separate your spinal cord from your body. (+35)

    LMAO ! But I’m going to have to argue your score of (+35) to (+100) pleez ! ^ ^

  2. Badliloneon 27 Dec 2011 at 4:32 pm

    You did not mention crafting, which is usually a key point in games for me. This game knocks crafting out of the park, making the mats easy to acquire, and the creation process so easy. I am not sure if this is the norm for most mmos, but after dipping my toes in swtor’s crafting system, I am more than pleased.

  3. Swtorcrafteron 27 Dec 2011 at 6:26 pm

    very good viewpoint from a long established player much props.

    One thing I would add to the naughty list that I have personally experienced and that is very FRUSTRATING is the bugging of certain class quests that cannot be completed causing you to stall out in your progression.

    For instance I have run into a brick wall with my BH/Merc in that the “Mandalorian Killer” quest of his story line is bugged at the last stage causing the npc you are supposed to talk with “Kellian Jarro” to not appear on the bridge of the Aurora for you to speak with, even though his objective point appears on the map.

    What this has done is to cause me to stall in my class progression and not be able to go on to complete chapter 1 to where I can get my legacy system initiated. After spending a week solid, night and day leveling this character this is very frustrating!

    Please fix this Bioware!

    (btw if anyone knows a workaround to this I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me and let me know so I can go around this brick wall)

    EDIT: I feel it necessary to report that today after the maintenance that this quest is indeed fixed for me, not sure what happened because the bounty hunter quest was not mentioned in the patch notes but they did fix it! woot! 🙂

  4. blackflighton 27 Dec 2011 at 6:46 pm

    I am in total agreement with you on this, but the companion ai system isn’t completely perfect.. i am a gunslinger and i have had a couple of times where corso has inadvertantly pulled an extra mob or 2 but that wasn’t no big deal. The one and only thing i dont like about this game where imo it fails (unless they change it which is rumored to happen soon) is the fact that you dont have control over your ship and i mean imo with this being starwars almost everybody’s first idea upon hearing about the game was thinking “omfg sweet im gonna woop me some spaceship ass” (or something along that line) now wow had the right idea of being able to mount up on ANY mount and go where ever you pleased but in stwor the one and only true “mount” that you want to get into you cant control you can move it up and down left and right and shoot shit but thats it and thats only during designated missions, and yes before someone pipes up and says anything i realise that being able to do that in the game would take alot of spcae and time to create but if bioware had taken the idea that wow and aion had of creating the game world in platelets and stacked them then it very well is possible to do

  5. Kostetuson 28 Dec 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Despite the fact that i was a weekend betatest member got an early
    game access and bought a game copy with 2 month subscription
    (expenses – around 80$) i never had an opportunity to play
    this game. During weekend betatest gameclient crushed after a first
    screen with an error code (send message to support team still waiting for an answer)
    but the real problem has not yet started.When the esrly
    game access started my account was locked due to incorrect(?)
    security questions answers.Then i spent 2 evenings listening
    reassurances how my call is important and listening music
    (international calls costs over 300$) ,spent more than 2 weeks
    in pointless correspondence with support team, sent “a scan or
    digital image of a nationally recognized identification”
    twice just to receive another standard copy pasted messages with
    telephones of customer support service.
    Guess you’ve already tired to read all this so jumping to
    conclusions.Money spent – over 400$, what i’ve got for them –
    nothing, quality of customers support service – absent, at least in
    my case.Been bioware fan since Baldur’s Gate and now i’m not so sure i’ll ever
    buy anything with bioware logo on it.

  6. Supraboyon 03 Jan 2012 at 9:53 pm

    “SWTOR Launched officially on December 20th, 2012”

    Hey you launched your site in the future!!