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My Guild Hunt Runaround

Published by under Blog on Oct. 04. 2011.


September SWTOR Guild Community Newsletter


Over the past month or two I’ve been actively looking for a PvP republic hardcore guild to run with when TOR hits in a few months.


Now with the guild set-up that SWTOR has set in place you would think this was an easy task. Well thats what I thought when I first started. Yet I’ve almost gave up on getting in a guild before the game releases.The yard stick to measure your achievements by seems to be WOW, yet I do not like WOW and my attempt of playing this game is meager few hours at most.

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Staggered Early Access Nothing Has Changed

Published by under Blog,news on Sep. 28. 2011.

Stephen Reid has once again come to the forums and reaffirmed something that should not need to be said.


Since the pre-orders went out we all knew was that it was a first come first serve basis and that by entering your pre-order code would determine when you would gain access to the game.

I took this as a given, and this is not a debate about who got shafted by what company’s on the pre-order codes that got held back. I know mine did as many others in the UK.


This following yellow text post was just to say that nothing had changed and that access would be granted to in the order of which the code where entered on the site.

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Early Access Let The Speculation Begin.

Published by under Blog,Pre-Order,speculation on Sep. 26. 2011.

It came in an instant we received the release date E-Mail and the posts went up on the SWTOR forums about when the early access would begin.


Now normally early access to MMO’s have been anything between 3 and 10 days before the release date or there about’s. As far as I know no other high profile games are being released at the same time. This gives BioWare a nice window so they do not have to push it out early and they can concentrate on just getting the game right. Without the fear of another MMO breathing down TOR’s neck.


So what would be an ideal time to start the early access party going ?

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TOR Worst Release Date In History ?

Published by under Blog,Breaking News,Events,news on Sep. 25. 2011.



Ok, first let me start by saying like many other followers I’m stocked that we have a release date at long last.


But could SWTOR have picked a more awkward date to release a MMO ?

Also the way it was announced was very strange indeed, with no sign that the formidable train was entering the station.

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So, What’s Next ?

Published by under Blog on Sep. 16. 2011.


View Image


Many people will have noticed that the updates around TOR have been some what hit and miss over that last few months. But really what else can BioWare reveal without giving away those all important story spoilers.


Well we ain’t seen the Timelines updated for an age, and there is a few loose ends with class progression and armor updates to be had. Yet these are fluff items that normally do not give us any real info on what the game has to offer.

Sure we can speculate as to what those videos hold but normally there is nothing ground breaking in the way of reveals that come from such videos.

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Give Us The Wall Of Crazy

Published by under beta testing,Blog on Aug. 29. 2011.

We have have very little in the way of new info when it comes to TOR of late. Huttball is the only thing since the map update, which in itself was not well received by the TOR faithful.



Get a brief glimpse at just a few of the many features in STAR WARS: The Old Republic.



Before that you would have to cast your mind back to the 10th of June when we got the  Game play Features news article. This is the last new info we had.

Though we can not forget the sneaky update on the crew skills that almost went unnoticed.


GamesCom did bring Huttball and for me one of the better features that TOR has to date, this was followed by a lack-luster PAX where we just had info that some may find new but these things have been said before.

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Do You Find It Hard To Leave Your MMO ?

Published by under Blog on Aug. 17. 2011.

Most of us have been in the place when the mmo we are playing just ain’t fun anymore.

Most of the friends you have made are all still playing, but not as much as they once used to. You’ve also been thinking of leaving for such long now but you are invested in the game. All you seem to think about is the amount of time you have dedicated to playing and you hope things will get better, something beyond the next patch that will bring back the glory days of old.

I know I’ve been in this place a few times first being with Ultima Online followed by SWG. But never again will I be duped into thinking that I can’t leave for some obscure reason.

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I’m a mmo god. Hear me craft.

Published by under Blog,Crafting,Editorial,humor on Aug. 11. 2011.

Crafting. Yes crafting. The all elusive, god forbid, sucks to level, identical item, farm your ass off, kill a ni-hao slinging bot for a node, shoot your best friend in the face for a plot on dantooine… crafting.  I will admit it. I was a crafter.  Yes. the man you look at today, whom rated a whopping 4 in the wow arena system, the lord of murder, Flagg, the god of pvp carnage and utter destruction was a crafter.  All jokes aside, In SWG. I loved that shit.  LOVED it.  Lived for it. Hell, I’ll admit it. I sold gold (credits) to websites, that resold my gold.  I sold so much of it, i lived on it for 2 years….. no joke.  2200.00 a month. It was heaven.  Then it all changed… wait…what the fuck am i babbling on about now…. Oh the glory days. Back to it then… Crafting.


I really want to get back to it. I want an inquisitor for leveling (my full video on ustream thingy) but for gods sake, I want to grind and level a jedi knight crafter.  A “Force Architect”(@flagg20011-2099). if you will. The crystal making , lightsaber wielding mofo.   The man with the plan.  Or whatever.


The thing is, after reading a few 1/2 assed reviews on the crafting, then reading one post beta guy.. Shit, I cant wait.  He ranted and raved about it, being a crafter from swg himself. Good god that’s tough optimism  to try to break. He went on about how engaging it was, how wonderful it was to craft sex droids, how exciting it was to kill jawas and use their soul to fuel his deadly machine based one demons from….oh wait, wrong game.  The point is he loved it. And I’ll be honest here. I know a lot of people who talk out of school and said the same. The crafting system is fun as hell, unique, and phenomenal.


You know how hard it is to find a game with good engaging crafting? How utterly mindbogglingly hard?  Impossible is the proper term. It’s so bad it almost seems as if these days most companies throw it in as some sore-ass abused after-though of some overworked department full of burnouts.  Not so here, I hope.  How do you guys feel?  This week is my monthly questionnaire, first (and most likely only month) to do this before Derek and Serge shut me down like cancer in a radiation lab.


Q:  Are you excited about crafting?  If so, give 3 reasons.  If not, Post a link to a picture of a cool jawa.

Q: Have you ever thought about drawing or animating a sexy alien chick. Even after a drug fueled binge of “heavy metal” and peyote? if not, please tell us your favorite color, and a 300 word essay on what makes that color whup monkey-ass.

Q: Is time travel possible.  Seriously. I want to know.

Q:Do you play “World of Tanks” and when you kill a tank do you yell ” You underestimate the power of the dark side!”  IF not, explain why you like 90210 in less than 7 words.

Q: Ever get in an argument over your Halloween costume…after you turned 20?

Q: Is the only reason you like Harrison Ford at all:  A: HAN SOLO  /  B: INDIANA JONES   ?

Q: Is there a way to travel faster than light? Think, tachyon…

Q: Do you love swtor?


I eagerly await your ramblings!


P.S. Notice the sarcasm and fucking lack of fucking cussing i did in the fucking article.  Wo-fucking-rd to your mothers uncle.




Love you all. Seriously….


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TOR CE Fuss About Nothing

Published by under Beta,Blog,Game Mechanics,news,Pre-Order,rumor,speculation on Jul. 29. 2011.

Before I get into this anyone who whines about the CE being too expensive and are from the US “SCREW YOU ALL”.


*Rant Set To Maximum*

You already have one, if not the lowest priced CE additions on earth how dare you. You only pay $150, I’m paying £129, which is around $200. And then I’m a lot better off than those poor Australians who have great trouble just getting the game and after import tax and such are looking at over $300. So, stop it, right now.

*End Rant*


Now to address all this bitching.

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My First (maybe last) Back-story

Published by under Blog on Jul. 17. 2011.

With so little real usable info about TOR since E3 I have gone to a place I did not expect to go. That is thinking of a back story for my main class when the game hits. I guess playing other mmo’s I have thought of the class I was playing to have a defined role, but nothing so deep to the point that crashed my thinking process as it has the past few weeks.

So for the first time ever (and maybe the last depending on how this goes) I will layout my back story of my main in TOR.


Setting – Forward patrol Alpha 2.

30 miles east of Anchorhead.



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