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Give Us The Wall Of Crazy

Published by under beta testing,Blog on Aug. 29. 2011.

We have have very little in the way of new info when it comes to TOR of late. Huttball is the only thing since the map update, which in itself was not well received by the TOR faithful.



Get a brief glimpse at just a few of the many features in STAR WARS: The Old Republic.



Before that you would have to cast your mind back to the 10th of June when we got the  Game play Features news article. This is the last new info we had.

Though we can not forget the sneaky update on the crew skills that almost went unnoticed.


GamesCom did bring Huttball and for me one of the better features that TOR has to date, this was followed by a lack-luster PAX where we just had info that some may find new but these things have been said before.



What we did hear a lot about was that wall-of-crazy. Now I’ve been to Austin and it has some big walls but nothing would handle this many to-do-notes. Almost every other thing you ask (if you’ve been following TOR) is on that wall.

Maybe its not a real wall and just a word  of some dark corner is an office lurking in the shadows that has a mass filing system.  Everything about that darn wall sounds way more exiting than the news we have got over the past few months.

Things like guild progression, the legacy system, guild ships, dark/light side effecting your avatars looks all litter this place. Heck I bet swimming belongs somewhere there also. 


Really Bioware if you want to get followers hyped about TOR give us the wall-of-crazy. Numbered them in order of importance and then he’s the kicker have a vote off to what the fans want to see first. 

Now I’m not some marketing hotshot or anything but wouldn’t this not perk the interest of the masses ?


We’ve had in the past a small progression from the old “we can’t talk about that yet” to the new “that’s on the wall-of-crazy”. What ever your take on these are they are not what most want to hear. I guess it’s better than an out-and-out no but it still leaves you wanting more.


So come on Bioware give us something to get our teeth into. Something that makes us that have not been in testing feel like we are making this game better for all. We really want to help you make the best game you can and this would be a great way to involve the community and get the fan’s behind you again in a positive manner.


We can only hope that sometime in the need future and not Soon(tm) that Bioware would make use of something like this. As the many that do not like in NA and have yet to get into testing or a date for beta weekends this would become something we could focus on. Something that we will look back on with those rose colored glasses and say yeah I was there when we helped make TOR a better game.


That is what most of us have wanted for the past 3 years and we still want to help. If this is the only way we can do it would would welcome it with open arms and we can again feel that we are wanted. And the input we give back would make the game we want to play for years to come a better place for everyone.


Well that’s all for now, fingers crossed and good luck to those that get the golden ticket in the mail soon.


Until we meet again, MrWarlock signing off.

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