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New Screenshots Released

Published by under E3 on Jun. 06. 2011.

Several screenshots have just been released as part of the E3 2011 SWTOR media kit. They include in-game screens of Tatooine, Alderan “scenario” (all of these are entitled Ulgo .. make your own guesses here) and Vehicles (player mounts). Here are the screens:

Tatooine Screenshots

Tatooine 1 Tatooine 2 Tatooine 3 Tatooine 4 Tatooine 5
Tatooine 6

Alderaan Screenshots

Ulgo 1 Ulgo 2 Ulgo 3 Ulgo 4 Ulgo 5

Vehicle Screenshots

Vehicles 1 Vehicles 2 Vehicles 3


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Community Tip of the Week

Published by under community news,video on Jun. 02. 2011.

Community surrounding The Old Republic keeps growing and we have reached a huge number of sites and different projects that devote themselves to following SWTOR. I think I’ve seen Tor Syndicate, a gathering of most TOR sites/guilds out there, reach 80 members the other day and it still keeps rising. It is nigh impossible to follow them all. It is even hard to keep track of the good ones in the crowd. That is why I wanted to try and present the ones that caught my eye this week to our visitors. With hopes of this becoming a regular article I present you the Community Tip for the first week of June.

Red Rancor V-Casts

Red Rancor has been around for a while and they are best known for their epic videos, like the 30 minute compilation of SWTOR screenshots released in the past 2+ years. They are now doing a regular V-Cast that is getting better with each episode. The latest episode is entitled “Full Auto” and you can listen about their thoughts on the upcoming E3, their video dissection of the trooper progression video and additional news and bits that caught their eye. The show is 20 minutes long with some great video effects and well thought out segments so check it out on their site or view it bellow:

Click here to read about a fantastic SWTOR webcomic, great new podcast and Facebook image of the week

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Inquisitors, iPods and Arakkoa

Published by under Class,humor,Sith Inquisitor,video on May. 16. 2011.

This year’s only Friday the 13th finally brought us full details about the Sith Inquisitor class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. From all the excitement in the official forums and on Twitter it is obvious that a lot of people were really looking forward to this update. Who doesn’t dream about roasting their enemies with some Force Lightning anyways? As it always seem to happen with these class updates, a lot of people suddenly changed their mind about what class they want to play at release. I personally, didn’t. In fact, this class update gave me so much comedic inspiration that I will have things to make fun of for days.

Lets get the important information out of the way first. One of the Inquisitor’s companions was revealed to be a genuine bad-ass called Khem Val. His species, the Dashade, are force-resistant and they actually feed on force users. This particular individual devoured over a thousand Jedi at the battles of Yn and Chabosh and you can read this and much more on his official page.
The Inquisitor, just like his force using brethren, Sith Warriors, will be using the Fury starship for traveling the galaxy. There is also a class video available that we posted about a few days ago. Below you will find a gallery of newly released in-game Inquisitor screenshots.

Sith Inquisitor Assassin 1 Sith Inquisitor Assassin 2 Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 1 Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 2

Now onto the more important stuff. SWTOR Life’s very first dissection of this Friday’s update. We’re doing it SWTOR Life style, meaning it has no sense at all and we make wild assumptions and insane connections.
Click here to read what’s in common for iPods, World of Warcraft race Arakkoa and Sith Inquisitors

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300000 Facebook Likes Reached

Published by under news,Sith Inquisitor on May. 12. 2011.

A few minutes ago Star Wars The Old Republic reached another milestone. The number of like the official page on Facebook has reached 300000 likes. As a reward, a new screenshot of a Sith Inquisitor readying his double bladed light saber for battle has been released. For a game not even yet released, not bad to have so many likes.

Click for full size (1600x900)

While we’re on a subject of facebook and SWTOR screenshots … Each wednesday there’s a screenshot released on the official SWTOR Facebook page and this week’s screenshot features a secret Imperial base.

Click for full size (1600x900)

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Exclusive Screenshot

Published by under Breaking News,SWTOUR on Apr. 28. 2011.

We proudly present an exclusive screenshot from within Star Wars the Old Republic. Make sure you click on the image to see it in full size.

Click on the image to see it in Full Size

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Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pure Awesome

Published by under community news,Image Gallery on Mar. 03. 2011.

Official SWTOR page on Facebook got 250.000 “likes” several weeks ago. In celebration of this milestone Bioware decided to start releasing “Image of the week”, Facebook exclusive screenshots and concept art from the game. The first three images were of Ord Mantell’s volcanic mountain ranges, a Zabrak Inquisitor and a screenshot from a warfront clash. You can see these images in the gallery bellow or by visiting the official SWTOR Facebook page.

At the same time, in celebration of the upcoming PAX East, fansite The Galactic Struggle released first in their series of class wallpapers. This one is dedicated to the Republic Trooper and really looks awesome and you can view it in our gallery bellow or visit The Galactic Struggle (aka by clicking here.

For the pure awesome section of this post we would like to recommend reading an article by Torocast’s Eric Musco entitled “Pick Me, I’m Viable!”. It discusses the recent official forum discussion about a DPS spec for Jedi Knight that had several posts from Georg Zöller, Principal Lead Combat Designer. Eric wrote a great article about how a proper implementation of DPS spec could be handled and after trying to find holes in his logic I must say that his solution is the most awesome one. I just hope Bioware is thinking along the same lines. Go ahead and read the article by following this link here.

Facebook image 1 - Concept Art Facebook image 2 - Zabrak Facebook image 3 - Warzone Fan Trooper Wallpaper

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