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Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pure Awesome

Published by under community news,Image Gallery on Mar. 03. 2011.

Official SWTOR page on Facebook got 250.000 “likes” several weeks ago. In celebration of this milestone Bioware decided to start releasing “Image of the week”, Facebook exclusive screenshots and concept art from the game. The first three images were of Ord Mantell’s volcanic mountain ranges, a Zabrak Inquisitor and a screenshot from a warfront clash. You can see these images in the gallery bellow or by visiting the official SWTOR Facebook page.

At the same time, in celebration of the upcoming PAX East, fansite The Galactic Struggle released first in their series of class wallpapers. This one is dedicated to the Republic Trooper and really looks awesome and you can view it in our gallery bellow or visit The Galactic Struggle (aka by clicking here.

For the pure awesome section of this post we would like to recommend reading an article by Torocast’s Eric Musco entitled “Pick Me, I’m Viable!”. It discusses the recent official forum discussion about a DPS spec for Jedi Knight that had several posts from Georg Zöller, Principal Lead Combat Designer. Eric wrote a great article about how a proper implementation of DPS spec could be handled and after trying to find holes in his logic I must say that his solution is the most awesome one. I just hope Bioware is thinking along the same lines. Go ahead and read the article by following this link here.

Facebook image 1 - Concept Art Facebook image 2 - Zabrak Facebook image 3 - Warzone Fan Trooper Wallpaper

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GamesCom Atmosphere at the TOR Booth

Published by under GamesCom,Image Gallery,video on Aug. 24. 2010.

GamesCom 2010 ended over the weekend and I can’t say that I won’t miss it. You get drawn in into the whole convention madness. Free swag, people doing crazy cosplay, meeting Darth Vader in person and games, games, games everywhere. If you are a gamer in heart (like me) you surely would appreciate the atmosphere. To share some of the atmosphere of the show we present you with a video of the crowds at the SWTOR booth (that is the place we hung out the most after all) and a gallery of images. We hope you enjoy them.

CIMG3040 CIMG3046 CIMG3056 CIMG2994 CIMG3114
CIMG3115 CIMG3116 CIMG3029 CIMG3057 CIMG3122

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