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Inquisitors, iPods and Arakkoa

Published by under Class,humor,Sith Inquisitor,video on May. 16. 2011.

This year’s only Friday the 13th finally brought us full details about the Sith Inquisitor class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. From all the excitement in the official forums and on Twitter it is obvious that a lot of people were really looking forward to this update. Who doesn’t dream about roasting their enemies with some Force Lightning anyways? As it always seem to happen with these class updates, a lot of people suddenly changed their mind about what class they want to play at release. I personally, didn’t. In fact, this class update gave me so much comedic inspiration that I will have things to make fun of for days.

Lets get the important information out of the way first. One of the Inquisitor’s companions was revealed to be a genuine bad-ass called Khem Val. His species, the Dashade, are force-resistant and they actually feed on force users. This particular individual devoured over a thousand Jedi at the battles of Yn and Chabosh and you can read this and much more on his official page.
The Inquisitor, just like his force using brethren, Sith Warriors, will be using the Fury starship for traveling the galaxy. There is also a class video available that we posted about a few days ago. Below you will find a gallery of newly released in-game Inquisitor screenshots.

Sith Inquisitor Assassin 1 Sith Inquisitor Assassin 2 Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 1 Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 2

Now onto the more important stuff. SWTOR Life’s very first dissection of this Friday’s update. We’re doing it SWTOR Life style, meaning it has no sense at all and we make wild assumptions and insane connections.


In the image above, to the left, you can see a typical representative of the World of Warcraft race Arakkoa. According to WoWWiki:

The Arakkoa are an ancient race of bird-like humanoids native to Outland … They have great magical power over the arcane, and are also as “smart as any gnome you ever met”.

You can see that the Inquisitor on the right sports similar shoulders as our feathery friend, and surprisingly he has what I can only describe as feathers coming from behind his head. Inquisitor also seems to have claws and not hands. This leads me to conclusion that Bioware might actually go ahead and make the most insane (cool?) crossover ever to be done in gaming history. They will present Arakkoa as playable species in SWTOR. Mark my words people, you heard it here first.

The second screenshot also reveals what can only be described as a steampunk version of iPod. The inclusion of popular music player in Inquisitor’s standard equipment might mean that we will have a special slot for our character, lets call it a gadget slot, that we can equip various pieces of entertaining gadgets to up our “cool-o-meter”. They might even introduce an alternative leveling experience in addition to already present Experience, Social and PvP progressions called the Cool progression. Level 30 Cool character will be carrying a white iPhone 4 and an Android tablet perhaps? We will know at release, but if any of this happens, remember, you heard it here first folks!

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2 Responses to “Inquisitors, iPods and Arakkoa”

  1. Flaggon 16 May 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I like this guy already. Great Article.

  2. Swtorcrafteron 17 May 2011 at 2:04 am

    such a great dissection! love it great work man!