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Community Tip of the Week

Published by under community news,video on Jun. 02. 2011.

Community surrounding The Old Republic keeps growing and we have reached a huge number of sites and different projects that devote themselves to following SWTOR. I think I’ve seen Tor Syndicate, a gathering of most TOR sites/guilds out there, reach 80 members the other day and it still keeps rising. It is nigh impossible to follow them all. It is even hard to keep track of the good ones in the crowd. That is why I wanted to try and present the ones that caught my eye this week to our visitors. With hopes of this becoming a regular article I present you the Community Tip for the first week of June.

Red Rancor V-Casts

Red Rancor has been around for a while and they are best known for their epic videos, like the 30 minute compilation of SWTOR screenshots released in the past 2+ years. They are now doing a regular V-Cast that is getting better with each episode. The latest episode is entitled “Full Auto” and you can listen about their thoughts on the upcoming E3, their video dissection of the trooper progression video and additional news and bits that caught their eye. The show is 20 minutes long with some great video effects and well thought out segments so check it out on their site or view it bellow:


The Jedi Gambit webcomic

Next up is a fantastic looking webcomic set in the SWTOR universe called The Jedi Gambit. It has reached page 5 and all of the released pages are very well done and fun to read. You can see them all in a chronological order at this page.


Two Tor Gamers vodcast

Podcasts; the favorite creative outlet for the SWTOR community. We have had at least 5 new podcasts launch in the past month. Two Tor Gamers (and some microphones) is a “vodcast” by two members of the Mandalorian themed guild Beskar. It is (imagine that) two future TOR gamers Blueneko and Blur (an Australian and a California girl) talking about the latest developments. The hosts really work well together in my opinion and I haven’t enjoyed a new podcast as much as theirs in a long while. You can check out Part 1 of their latest episode down bellow or visit their Youtube channel for all episodes.

Yesterday being Wednesday and that usually being the day when official Facebook page for SWTOR releases new screenshots we have been treated with a shot of Dromund Kaas, the Empire’s capital.

Click for Full Size (1600x900)

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One Response to “Community Tip of the Week”

  1. Dalqakon 02 Jun 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Great selection here, Mikro. I gotta say, SWTOR has a very robust community!