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PvP: Act 1: Scene 3

Published by under gameplay,Planets,PvP on Feb. 06. 2012.

Prologue / Act 1: Scene 1  / Act 1: Scene 2


The planet Alderaan has been known throughout the galaxy as a place for knowledge, freedom, unity and the goal of peace. Many feel that if Coruscant is the heart of the Republic then Alderaan is the soul. The treaty of Coruscant disrupted that relationship and Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and became focused on the civil war among the noble houses.


The beauty and peace of Alderaan is now scarred with the blood and smoke of war. The once peaceful and smooth political process has degenerated into treachery and war. Added into all of this confusion, the Empire has backed an old forgotten noble house, Thul, and the Republic has been providing backing for another well known and old noble house: Organa.


As a Republic player, when you arrive on Alderaan, you are landing in the Pallista Spaceport. Unlike many planets you will visit, you won’t need to take a shuttle to the surface.  You land in the Apalis Coast region on the southwestern corner of the map. It is also the headquarters for house Organa. The quest lines seem to take you counter clockwise around the map to the northwest corner.


The Empire lands at Rhu Caenus Spaceport in the Kaamos Territory. This puts you next to House Thul and House Cortess who the empire is supporting in this rebellion. This is all located in almost the north central of the world map.



In my run around Alderaan I saw very few Imperials, and I believe even fewer Republic players. I was very surprised at the lack of people. I am not sure about other servers, but it does seem that the population on the planets as you level is pretty sparse. And, considering the size of the planet, it’s difficult to just run into someone to go one on one.


I must admit I enjoy this planet a lot. Only one other planet makes me think of my home town in New England with the mountains, the trees and the splash of snow. The buildings are the only things that don’t match well.



I can’t say that PvP on this planet was exciting. When I leveled here there were only a few times that I had an opportunity for some PvP.  People were more interested in getting the quests done and moving on to the next planet then participating in PvP.


I went for a run around the planet before sitting down to write this, and I found even fewer people about, and those that were around were focused on quests. I’m not sure if the lack of PvP on planets is due to a population issue, or if it is because the story is so engaging that people rarely think of PvP. It doesn’t seem to be until some of the higher level planets, and in Warzones, that I actually see PvP take place, and then it’s quite an unbalanced dance, at least for me.  I may like PvP, but I am not very good at it.


You can follow Rosie on Twitter at @Dawnsrose. You can also contact her directly via email at

She is currently playing on Vulkar Highway as a Republic Sage, and is on most of the day, till about midnight PST.

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