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PvP: The Prologue

Published by under Blog,Game Mechanics,gameplay,Planets,PvP on Jan. 16. 2012.


Players who have played since launch already know the order of the planets near the beginning of your epic adventure. The Empire starts out either on Hutta (Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter) or on Korriban (Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor) then moves on to the capital planet of Dromund Kaas. The Republic starts out on either Ord Mantell (Smuggler and Trooper) or on Tython (Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular) then moves on to the capital planet of Coruscant. These are the sanctuary planets. The opposing faction can’t visit these locations. So where does PvP start?


Balmorra is a planet of civil war and intrigue. Both the Republic and the Empire have bases on the planet. The Republic is trying to rebuild the trust it lost with the resistance fighters, and the Empire is working to wipe them out.


Your Imperial character will arrive on Balmorra at about level 16 or so. The quest here should get you to level 20. As a member of the Republic you come to this planet at about level 32 and stay through level 36.


The Planet Taris is a planet of ruins and disease. After the planet’s surface was destroyed by the Empire about 300 years before, the only things that flourished were the rakghouls. These creatures are actually the result of humans being infected with disease. There has been no study as to the length of life or general habits of the rakghouls, but we know they are vicious. On this planet of broken buildings, both the Empire and the Republic are jockeying for control. The Republic would like to rebuild that which was destroyed, and the Empire wants to make sure they fail.


When arriving on Taris as a member of the Empire you will be about level 32, and will stay till about level 36. As a member of the Republic you begin your travels on Taris at about level 16 and will be able to reach 20 before leaving.


The two planets described here are written up in most places to imply that they are PvP style planets where you will get to interact with the opposite faction. This turns out to be very inaccurate. Balmorra is the third planet for the Empire, where Taris is for the Republic. The Empire does not see Taris till the 7th planet, and Balmorra is 7th as well for the Republic. That gives each faction an uneven footing.


I have explored both planets and found that there are no interaction points between the players of the two factions. I did notice I was flagged for PvP, but that could have had more to do with my periodic disappearance into Warzones.


Tython   – Republic start planet – level 1-10 (Jedi Knight / Jedi Consular)

Ord Mantell  – Republic start planet – level 1-10 (Trooper / Smuggler)

Korriban  – Empire start planet – level 1-10 (Sith warrior / Sith Inquisitor)

Hutta   – Empire start planet – level 1-10 (Imperial Agent / Bounty Hunter)

Coruscant  – Republic Home planet – level 10-16

Dromund Kaas  – Empire Home planet – level 10-16

Balmorra  –  Republic level 32-36 – Empire level 16-20

Taris   –  Republic level 16-20 – Empire level 32-36


Next week I will take a look at the first planet that has open world PvP.


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3 Responses to “PvP: The Prologue”

  1. Sporton 16 Jan 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Tatooine – mid twenties. It also has a higher level open PvP area near an Empire controlled guard post/taxi.

  2. Rosieon 16 Jan 2012 at 11:12 pm

    nod nod, gonna do each planet in this series.

  3. Kornroon 24 Jan 2012 at 12:55 am

    I found that the Tatooine PvP area was totally empty on a Sunday evening, and was actually able to get through all of Nar Shadaa without noticing the PvP area, though I still have to do the bonus series.

    Does open world PvP ever really get rolling? I miss how central it was to Warhammer I guess.