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PvP: Act 1, Scene 1

Published by under Uncategorized on Jan. 23. 2012.

This series began here: The Prologue


Within Hutt controlled space is the Las Vegas of Star Wars. It is also referred to as “Smuggler’s Moon,” and is best known for one thing: anything can be bought here if you have the credits, or the trade. This is a world of gangsters, pirates, slavers, and of course the Hutts and the Hutt Cartel.


Both the Republic and the Empire are trying to get the Hutt Cartel to side with them. Who ever can win the favor of the Hutts can expect access to the technology and science advancements found here, and deny it to their enemy.


The Hutts enjoy the ability to sell to both sides in this disagreement, and are going to be difficult to sway one way or the other. Unless profit can be made over one than the other, the Hutts will sit on their daises and watch the entertainment the Republic and Empire provide them.


When landing on Nar Shaddaa you find that the spaceport itself is a contested area. This gives an immediate impression of the volatile world you have just landed on.


There are a few places that are “safe.” You will get a message on your screen saying “Republic territory” or “Empire territory.” These areas do not guarantee you will not be attacked, but it does give you a bit of a buffer in many of them.


There is a sanctuary area called The Promenade. This zone is a sanctuary, both the upper and lower. No PvP can occur here. You can hang out and make faces at each other all day, but can’t attack one another.


The Star Cluster and Club Vertica are two separate casinos. One is for the Republic, and the other for the Empire. The only way to reach them is via the taxi service. Due to the faction ownership of the individual casinos it seems that PvP in these locations is not possible.


Much of this planet is reachable only by taxi. You cannot take a sidewalk from the space port to The Promenade. Nor can you walk to any of the other zones from The Promenade, although I believe one or two you can walk between.


The one area that seems to have a higher population of both factions is the Industrial Sector. This sector houses the bonus quests for the planet. There are some “safe” rooms in the area, but there is no sanctuary. And both factions can PvP here to their heart’s content.


I did find that when I was there at the appropriate level, that some of the bonus quests were hard to do alone, due to the PvP. At times I got frustrated, as I was just trying to get something done before bed, or going out, and I would not be able to do it easily. Or I would need a friend or two so that I could get it done.


Overall the PvP on Nar Shaddaa was good. I did not have anyone camp me, or the medical droid. I did see the same people over and over again. Once we traded kills everyone seemed to settle down and work the quests out.


This was an enjoyable planet to run around on, and it gave a soft introduction to PvP on a open world.


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