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PvP: Act 1: Scene 2

Published by under Game Mechanics,gameplay,PvP,Uncategorized on Jan. 30. 2012.

PvP: Act 1; Scene 2

Our next world PvP planet is Tatooine.


There are two safe zones on Tatooine. Anchorhead is the space port and Republic safe zone. Mos Ila is the space port for the Imperial side. Everything in between is PvP. There is even a small area that you can go free-for-all called Outlaw’s Den.


Here are a few things I’ve noticed. First, I play Republic, and on a PvP server. As I roam the sands of Tatooine, I see very few Imperial players. I am not sure if it’s just how the quests are spread out, but as I leveled on this planet, and coming back for a visit to refresh my memory, I saw very few Imperial players.


Whenever I was leveling here, I”d run into Imperial players, but they seemed to be on bikes and going away from wherever I was going. I did get my self killed quite a few times by small groups roaming around.


The planet feels huge. There seems to be so much space to hide, or avoid other players. I got the feel and the atmosphere of Tatooine very well. It felt like it was desolate, and uninhabited.

So how was the PvP overall? Well, I didn’t get a lot of PvP there. There was no one in the free-for-all area, and I looked a number of times, both when leveling and on return visits. I really enjoyed the quest line here, but if you’re looking for open world PvP, you will find it lacking.


I have not been able to get people together to play around with the free-for-all area. I really would like to know what your experience there is.


It almost seems that the open world PvP is still in its infancy. I hope it starts to grow quickly, but we shall see.

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