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New Trailer – Fate of the Galaxy

Published by under Breaking News,video on Sep. 24. 2011.


It seems that this trailer is actually the PAX East 2011 trailer. The only difference is the inclusion of the release date at the end of the trailer. The updated trailer was uploaded to Youtube at the time this article was posted and that got me confused as if it is a trailer following up the release date announcement. I knew that the trailer looked familiar, but I did not do my research before posting this article due to all the excitement about the release date announcement. I apologize to everyone for any inconvenience caused.

Along with the announcement of the Release date (which is Dec. 20. 2011.) there is a new SWTOR trailer available proudly displaying the release date at the end. it is combined of footage we’ve mostly seen in other trailers, nevertheless it is exciting. Enjoy Fate of the Galaxy trailer below.

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Early Peek at the Friday SWTOR Developer Dispatch, Companions!

Published by under Game Mechanics,video on Sep. 23. 2011.

Tonight via the @SWTOR account on twitter I was made aware that Bioware is advertising a sneak peek at the Friday update, a Developer Dispatch having to do with companions.

It is a great one in my opinion, over seven minutes of some of the developers talking about companions and the mechanics revolving around them.  Such people as James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson, Georg Zhoeller, and more make this one of my favorite dev dispatches to date.

It is an interview done by Gamespot, very well done and full of information indeed.  It talks about customization options, companions with levels and the ability to level them, and many more goodies.  If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend going to see it or you could just wait till tomorrow……..

I thought not, well, here it is.  😉


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Ultimate Guide To SWTOR Player Ships By tgnSWTOR

Published by under video on Sep. 11. 2011.

The guys at tgnSWTOR on YouTube have made this awesome guide to starships in SWTOR.  It is definitely worth a view as it is a great piece of work. Stop on by their channel and give them some love and tell them thanks for all their awesome work.

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Hutts Play Ball Too

Published by under GamesCom,video on Aug. 19. 2011.

We’ve heard that it was demoed the first day of GamesCom 2011. Now we get to see the demo video by ourselves in glorious HD. The pit is the latest PvP warzone we are hearing about and it is the place where Huttball matches are being held. Hutball is a vicious sport played where two sides try to pass the ball across the opponents goal line. All moves are allowed including force lightning, stabbing and cheating. See for yourselves in this fun little video showcase of the Pit. I wonder if this is the PvP arena Daniel Erickson told us about in an interview at E3. He mentioned that it is so much fun punting your opponents into fire.

There are also two pieces of news you should all check out. First is a Q&A with Bioware’s good doctors Ray and Greg. They talk about beta weekends and raids and you can check it all out at Ask A Jedi.
There was apparently an impromptu Q&A session held on Twitter with Stephen Reid and Gabe Amatangelo straght from Germany. You can check out the full transcript at Tor Wars

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Video Friday Brings Consular and ComicCon Update

Published by under Jedi Consular,video on Aug. 05. 2011.

The long awaited Jedi Consular class trailer has finally been made available. The bulky look they gave the Consular in the trailer is really just the way I would like my character to look. I was never a particularly big fan of the Consular (played healer in all other MMOS and I am sick of it, thank you very much), but the visual representation they gave in the video is just awesome. To make the update even better Bioware also released a recap video of SWTOR’s presence at San Diego Comic Con. To see all the new media for the Jedi Consular and learn more about the Shadow and the Sage advanced classes visit the Consular Class page on the official site. You can also find out more about the Consular’s trusted Trandoshan companion, Qyzen Fess. Or you can just watch the trailers bellow.


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Bioware Youtube Costume Contest!

Published by under community news,GamesCom,video on Aug. 04. 2011.

Erika Christine from Bioware just announced on the BiowareCommunityChannel  a cosplay costume contest starting now to celebrate Bioware being at Gamescom 2011 this year! 

This video has all the details and it sounds like a real hoot!  I can not wait to see what the community comes up with for this.  If you remember the recent San Diego Comic Con you may have seen some of the footage of all the awesome cosplay costumes that came out in full force for this event. Hopefully this contest will bring out some of those along with new costumes never before seen.

The details of the contest include…..

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Esseles instance trailer – Epic Story Gameplay

Published by under Falshpoint,video on Jul. 29. 2011.

Month of July will be remembered as special because none of the Friday Updates were a Fan Friday (although I think Fan Site spotlights are a great idea and Biware should make sure those continue – they mean a lot to hard working fansite people). It will also be remembered as a month that ended with a 13 minute long, epic gameplay video showcasing the Esseles flashpoint. For those of you that have been following the game for a while, you’ll probably notice that Esseles turns out to be the instance they showed a part of when they first showed group content for The Old Republic.
Watching this video really made me feel like I was watching one of the scenes from the original trilogy, or, worst case, one of the Clone Wars episodes. Felt very Stars Wars-y. Also, once again, they chose the dark side option and actually flushed some people into space – sans space suits. This is one of the videos that definitely deserves your time.

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ComicCon trailer – Join the Fight

Published by under video on Jul. 23. 2011.

In their well known fashion Bioware released another enticing video trailer to celebrate the start of their pre-orders and their presence at San Diego Comic Con. Trailer features all the playable classes delivering great one-liners that tell you straight away what that each class is about. As always, they get me excited about the game no matter what.

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Cool Bounty Hunter is Cool

Published by under Bounty Hunter,news,video on Jul. 02. 2011.

These class progression trailers are immense fun. They are one of the few things forum trolls do not hate or fuss much about, which just goes to prove my previous sentence. There was a big squeee in SWTOR Life virtual office because 80% of staff are planning to play Bounty Hunters at launch. SWTORCrafter even managed to play the first levels of it during the Fan Site Summit, so you can check his hands on impressions to complete your overall impression of the class.
The progression trailer shows some great footage of new armor and skills. I particularly liked the last armor they show in the video. It is very “savage” looking. There’s flamethrower AOE-ing, carbonite freezing, rocket launching, jetpack flying, knife in face action all over the place in the video and I am sure you will enjoy it. I have one objection though. I know they’ve done this only to show the skills and that action is a bit staged, but I still can’t get it out of my head. There is no way in hell that anyone or anything, including Bounty Hunters, can one shot Jedi (padawan or not).

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Gameplay Video with Focus on the UI

Published by under E3,gameplay,video on Jul. 01. 2011.

We found this video among the media SWTORCrafter shot at E3. I’ve posted it a while back on our YouTube channel and I think it is about time I put it up on the site as well. There is some nice footage here of the new UI as well as companion specific UI. There are some nice enough shots of the sexy droid companion Scorpio to be found in the video. I’ve replaced the show floor noise with some original tracks from Knights of the Old Republic. People have been complaining about all the music and trailers that were heard in the background of previous E3 videos. I hope you find this a much better solution.


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