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Early Peek at the Friday SWTOR Developer Dispatch, Companions!

Published by under Game Mechanics,video on Sep. 23. 2011.

Tonight via the @SWTOR account on twitter I was made aware that Bioware is advertising a sneak peek at the Friday update, a Developer Dispatch having to do with companions.

It is a great one in my opinion, over seven minutes of some of the developers talking about companions and the mechanics revolving around them.  Such people as James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson, Georg Zhoeller, and more make this one of my favorite dev dispatches to date.

It is an interview done by Gamespot, very well done and full of information indeed.  It talks about customization options, companions with levels and the ability to level them, and many more goodies.  If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend going to see it or you could just wait till tomorrow……..

I thought not, well, here it is.  😉


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2 Responses to “Early Peek at the Friday SWTOR Developer Dispatch, Companions!”

  1. […] that we may see this information be released in the for of a dev dispatch or dev diary, but with this information that just dropped a few hours ago it doesn’t appear […]

  2. […] Wow! I’ve got great timing this week. If you haven’t seen the Developer Dispatch on companions, check it out here  […]