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GamesCom EA Conference live blog

Published by under Events,GamesCom on Aug. 16. 2011.

Electronic Arts Press Conference, that is traditionally held a day prior to GamesCom’s start, is one of those huge media events that always brings fresh news. There is a live stream available of this event, but as with all the other events so far we will be covering the happening live here on SWTOR Life. We will be updating this post with news as they become available so stay tuned and refresh those browsers. There will be other EA games showcased at the event but SWTOR will have a prominent spot. The conference is only 20 minutes away so stay tuned.

  • Dr. Ray Muzyka will be holding a live presentation of SWTOR during the EA press conference
  • image of rehersal

  • The conference is about to begin
  • We will see 10 games that we will play this year *wink wink – nudge nudge*
  • We are seeing Fifa Street and Need For Speed titles and their presentations
  • Dr. Ray is here talking about Dragon Age: Legends and Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, a new PvP Play4Free game for the PC.
  • gearing up for smooth launch. Record breaking pre-orders of SWTOR. Quest sequence in German being shown now.
  • Open testing beta weekends upcoming

  • Talking about end-game Operations (raids) – showing live demo of Eternity Vault
  • 8-16 players in raids
  • Eternity vault is an ancient prison and we are seeing turrets attacking the team and Agent healing the Juggernaut tank
  • I am seeing Rockjaw among the people playing the raid.
  • We are seeing a lot of AoE skills from different classes
  • Turrets are destroyed and after cutscene a huge annihilation droid boss lands and we are seeing a nice boss fight.
  • New Eternity Vault footage trailer being shown
  • That is it for SWTOR. Talking about MAss Effect 3 now. I ust say that footage looked good. The only real reveal is 8-16 people in raids. Whether this will be normal raid size is 8 and heroic raid version is 16 – remains to be seen

That is it for our live coverage of EA’s press conference. Stay tuned for more news from GamesCom as we cover all the incoming information.

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Live Blog Day 2

Published by under E3 on Jun. 08. 2011.

Due to a family emergency our coverage of E3 2011 will have to be cut short. We will try and update the site with the most important news. Our prayers go to the Green family.

Keep an eye out on these other great fan sites for continuing coverage.
Ask a Jedi, Tor Wars, Darth Hater

Latest News

  • There is going to be a feature of (what is hoped to be footage of Alderaan boss fight) SWTOR gameplay live on G4tv at 4PM PDT.
  • There is going to be a Live Stream of a Boss fight in 15 minutes at 3PM PDT on BiowareTV. Make sure you don’t miss it.
  • Imperial Agent Gameplay footage posted on You can clearly see the female droid companion. I wonder if she is romance-able and if lube is involved?
  • Eternity Vault trailer we talked about a bit earlier can now be found and downloaded in full HD quality on the official site
  • &nbsp

    Epic Community Manager is Epic

  • SWTOR got nominated by the following companies as best of E3 or most anticipated of E3: Gamespot,, GamePro and PcGamer. You can check out these nominations in our gallery of exclusive Wednesday images from the show floor
    Storm Troopers E3 2011 SWTOR nominations

  • In the same live camera interview with Daniel Erickson it is said that there probably won’t be a Free For All Open Beta, but more of a “Closed Open Beta” (this is my interpretation)
  • has a guy running around E3 recording everything he sees with his live camera. This is being streamed live at this link. He stopped by the SWTOR booth today and the exclusive piece of information I heard from it was that yes, there are certain worlds where Sith and the Republic will be able to talk to each other (in this build at least). This is not 100% confirmed, and you can check the 40:00 minute mark for this reveal. UPDATE: Daniel Erickson later on said this is still undecided and if it turns out griefing is a problem they will turn it off.

After an exhausting first day of E3 we are back for some more punishment today in order to bring you all the latest from the show floor of 2011 E3. SWTORCrafter will also be getting some hands on time with the game today and there is also a meet&greet scheduled for later in the evening and we’ll try and get you as much information from those events as we can.

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Live Blog E3 2011 Day 1 (Part 2)

Published by under Breaking News,E3 on Jun. 07. 2011.

Breaking News

  • Raid info at; Belsavis has various enviroments (Snow, Jungle, Lava); Ancient prison from ancient race is on the planet; Belsavis trailer being shown.; Imperial vs Republic conflict compromised the prison; Guy that got released ruled 20.000 years ago over 10,000 planets; You have to defeat him.
  • 4 minutes of gameplay footage from the show floor. This is the full length version of our previous video

Latest News

Recap of live stream with Daniel Erickson

Watch live streaming video from electronicarts at

  • Tatooine is absolutely huge. Even with a mount it took a while to get from one place to another
  • Blizz is a Jawa companion that only Bounty Hunters receive. He is a DPS gadgeteer.
  • Companions have their own equipment screen, but not all of them change their look (like the Jawa companion). Those that don’t change look with gear have special “different look kits” that we’ll here more about soon
  • Player mounts (vehicles) have different designs, speeds and cost
  • There are Sarlaac in the game and you can chuck people into them. Whether they were thinking PvP or PvE is unclear.
  • Droid companions get their own unique type of armor plating, as in the KOTOR series
  • There is one more warzone that has not be announced and that people will be excited about because it is “special”.
  • Tatooine is visitable by all classes, Dune Sea will be a huge PvP server hotspot
  • When you die, there is a Medical Probe option that revives you exactly where you died. Upon revival you have 12 secs of Ultra-Stealth that no one can see.
  • You can not level purely through PvP

Due to the previous post getting humongous I have decided to create the Part 2 of our live blog. Hope you stay with us because we still gave about 4 hours of coverage left.

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Live Blog E3 2011 Day 1

Published by under Breaking News,E3,Events on Jun. 07. 2011.

Breaking News

  • First Gameplay video from E3
  • Live stream of Tatooine with Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid has started at this page (2:05PM PDT)
  • Patrick Buechner Marketing VP of Bioware and Dr Ray Muzyka will be hitting the SWTOR booth stage in 15 minutes (via twitter)(11:50AM PDT)

    Click for full size

  •  First official image of the SWTOR booth (via Stephen Reid) (11:40AM PDT) (updated with image @2 at 12:00 PDT)

    Click for full size

Click here to read older and less important entries (the post got too long)

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EA Conference Live Blog

Published by under Breaking News,E3,Events on Jun. 06. 2011.

This concludes our live coverage of the EA Press Conference. We hope you enjoyed it. Keep a look out for more because we will have our very own SWTORCrafter reporting from the show floor starting tomorrow early morning.

Here is the trailer that was shown at the EA press conference and that you can currently view at

Breaking News

  • Stephen Reid just made a post on the official forums about the “Return” Trailer, about Origin service and its “Choose” trailer and the release date. Click here to read.
  • On the “Return” trailer that you can download from there are words Intro Cinematic written on it. I guess this is what we will see when we first start the game
  • The name of the new SWTOR cinematic trailer is “Return” and you can view it HERE
  • There is an exclusive video featuring excerpts of footage from the new SWTOR cinematic trailer on! (12:06 PDT)

Here are some screenshots from the “Return” trailer while it uploads to Youtube so I can embed it properly onto the page.

For the rest please watch the trailer on the official site ;).

Latest News

  • While talking about SWTOR Greg zeschuk gave us a honest, heartfelt and personal view on the game. Ended his speech saying how they live The Old Republic. Coincidently, our site’s motto is living the Old Republic
  • What is being show now at the conference is NOT the new trialer, but a mashup of all three trailers. The new trailer “Return can be found on the official site.
  • Mass Effect 3 trailer starting the conference (12:30 PDT)
  • reports: 15 mins to EA showtime. CEO John Rittichello chatting with execs in front of stage. (12:27 PM PDT)
  • is live blogging directly from the theatre where EA press conference is happening
  • The name of the new SWTOR cinematic trailer is Choose(12:06 PDT) This turns out not to be true. Stephen Reid corrected us promptly.
  • Concerning that E3PO tag. It was first recommended to Stephen Reid by Adaram, avid SWTOR fan. Here’s a shout out to him!
  • is inside the Theatre where the Press conference will take place. Here’s a link to the image they posted on Twitter
  • Stephen Reid and his friend E3PO (this is the official tag for all The Old Republic news on Twitter). (11:49AM PDT)
  • just tweeted an image of people waiting in line for the EA conference. I think I see the guys from and that one guy in the front is Zirak from Darth Hater (11:41AM PDT)
  • If you are at #E3 be at the @EA booth at 12:30 sharp on Tues for a special @SWTOR experience you won’t want to miss. @biofeed #E3PO (9:30PM PDT) Source

Image from
Click here to follow their live coverage of the event

This is the page you will want to follow in the next couple of hours. We will be posting all the news we found before, during and after the EA press conference. News will be sorted latest on top of the post to older at the bottom of the page. We will be automatically refreshing the page every 5 minutes, but if you want to do it manually you can do that by using CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R in your internet browser.

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Most Important SWTOR E3 Information For June 6.

Published by under Breaking News,E3,Events,news on Jun. 06. 2011.

The biggest Electronic Entertainement Expo in the world is only 24 hours away, yet things seem to have started already. Companies have already started their big pre-show press conferences and first major announcements will be made there. The most interesting conference for The Old Republic fans is the Electronic Arts conference that starts in roughly 3 hours. SWTOR Life will try and bring you all the news form various sources. We will be looking for any SWTOR related news from both the SWTOR team as well as EA team, major press and fansite representatives at the event. All of that coverage will be presented in an comprehensible form in a live blog right here on the site so make sure you check back often. Here is the latest news about what we can expect to happen.

Breaking News

  • @masseffect, official Mass Effect Bioware game Twitter account, just mentioned that “new BioWare online feature (will be) making its debut” at the press conference.
  • All of the head Bioware people have been calling this “Mass Effect Monday”. This is in line with the fact that the first major trailer for Mass Effect 3 will be shown at the press conference and more news will be revealed. We will also be reporting on this in a separate news item, because we love Mass Effect just as much :).

Stephen Reid, our beloved Community Manager, had a few things to say about the whole press conference thing and SWTOR.

  • Press conference should start about 12:30pm PDT, 3:30pm EDT, 8:30pm/9:30pm UK/EU time and lasts an hour.
  • During said press conference, you will see… something. I want to warn you that said ‘thing’ may spoil you for another ‘thing’.
  • Basically, I think you may enjoy the ‘thing’ more if you don’t watch the press conference. With the thing. That spoils the thing.
  • Sigh. Look – here’s the best advice. Make sure you’re following @SWTOR … that’s about the best advice I can give you. 🙂
  • I will say with some certainty that apart from #SWTOR, there’s other cool stuff to see during the EA presser, so tune in if you can. 🙂
  • Origin (Editor note: new digital distribution service by Electronic Arts) will be hosting many CONTENT exclusives from today. Think videos. Including a #SWTOR one. (Editor note: once the press conference ends it is expected that you will be able to find all the shown trailers at the website)

You sholud also all keep an eye out on the Officially unofficial E3 thread on the forums where all the news will be gathered as well.

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