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Most Important SWTOR E3 Information For June 6.

Published by under Breaking News,E3,Events,news on Jun. 06. 2011.

The biggest Electronic Entertainement Expo in the world is only 24 hours away, yet things seem to have started already. Companies have already started their big pre-show press conferences and first major announcements will be made there. The most interesting conference for The Old Republic fans is the Electronic Arts conference that starts in roughly 3 hours. SWTOR Life will try and bring you all the news form various sources. We will be looking for any SWTOR related news from both the SWTOR team as well as EA team, major press and fansite representatives at the event. All of that coverage will be presented in an comprehensible form in a live blog right here on the site so make sure you check back often. Here is the latest news about what we can expect to happen.

Breaking News

  • @masseffect, official Mass Effect Bioware game Twitter account, just mentioned that “new BioWare online feature (will be) making its debut” at the press conference.
  • All of the head Bioware people have been calling this “Mass Effect Monday”. This is in line with the fact that the first major trailer for Mass Effect 3 will be shown at the press conference and more news will be revealed. We will also be reporting on this in a separate news item, because we love Mass Effect just as much :).

Stephen Reid, our beloved Community Manager, had a few things to say about the whole press conference thing and SWTOR.

  • Press conference should start about 12:30pm PDT, 3:30pm EDT, 8:30pm/9:30pm UK/EU time and lasts an hour.
  • During said press conference, you will see… something. I want to warn you that said ‘thing’ may spoil you for another ‘thing’.
  • Basically, I think you may enjoy the ‘thing’ more if you don’t watch the press conference. With the thing. That spoils the thing.
  • Sigh. Look – here’s the best advice. Make sure you’re following @SWTOR … that’s about the best advice I can give you. 🙂
  • I will say with some certainty that apart from #SWTOR, there’s other cool stuff to see during the EA presser, so tune in if you can. 🙂
  • Origin (Editor note: new digital distribution service by Electronic Arts) will be hosting many CONTENT exclusives from today. Think videos. Including a #SWTOR one. (Editor note: once the press conference ends it is expected that you will be able to find all the shown trailers at the website)

You sholud also all keep an eye out on the Officially unofficial E3 thread on the forums where all the news will be gathered as well.

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