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February 9th Patch

Published by under Breaking News,community news on Feb. 09. 2012.

When Tuesday’s patch was downloaded some players quickly discovered that their PvP kills on Ilum were not counting towards their daily or weekly mission totals, and at times were not receiving the valor they should have for making a kill. Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez posted earlier today that they will be rolling out an emergency patch in order to fix these issues. Starting at 2AM CST (12AM PST/3AM EST/8AM GMT/9AM CET) BioWare will be bringing all servers down in order to fix these problems, and hope to have the servers back up and running by 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET).


Hopefully we will all be back to earning our promised rewards for our actions on Ilum soon.

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Emergency Ilum Patch Coming

Published by under Breaking News,community news on Jan. 19. 2012.

Players just can’t stop finding ways to exploit on Ilum despite the changes made with BioWare’s first big game update. Luckily BioWare’s PvP man, Gabe Amatangelo, hopped on the forums to give everyone the rundown on the issue at hand.


It seems that players would capture the control points and then camp in the opposing faction’s medcenters in order to keep enemies from leaving their base in order to recapture control points. The original game design had enemy players instantly dying when they entered the enemy’s base, much like in warzones, but this feature was not working properly after the 1.1 update. Bioware is pushing out an Emergency Patch to fix this issue and is scheduled to begin at 8AM CST (6AM PST/ 9AM EST/ 2PM GMT/ 3PM CET) on 1/19 and end at 12PM (noon) CST (10AM PST/ 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT/ 7PM CET). Until then the population cap on Ilum has been reduced,  taxis that lead into the area have been disabled, and the developers are encouraging players to avoid Ilum until the patch is released.


Associate Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez also made it clear that BioWare was well aware of the individuals who to advantage of this exploit and will be evaluating the situation and taking action as necessary. We will be keeping an eye on this situation as it develops and will bring you any updates as they unfold.


UPDATE: This maintenance period is now scheduled to begin at approximately 9:30AM CST (7:30AM PST/ 10:30AM EST/ 3:30PM GMT/ 4:30PM CET) on 1/19 and end at 1:30PM CST (11:30AM PST/ 3:30PM EST/ 7:30PM GMT/ 8:30PM CET).

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PvP in a galaxy far far away!

Published by under Editorial,Game Mechanics,gameplay,PvP on Jan. 11. 2012.

So, I have been trying PvP in pretty much all its formats since launch. I have to say that I am happy with it overall. Continue Reading »

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Open World PVP on Planet Ilum in SWTOR!

Published by under Breaking News,PAX Prime,PvP on Aug. 29. 2011.

One of my absolute favorite reveals of Pax Prime came from the Sunday presentation in the main theater. Of course Darth Hater was there and they did a outstanding job of covering it for us that could not attend, they brought us the scoop on what the Developers are referring to as open world pvp. It looks fun, it looks exciting for sure!


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The Leveling Game

Published by under Editorial on Aug. 14. 2011.

Inspired by SWTOR fans on Twitter I’ve started playing League of Legends, DOTA clone or what people now call a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. It is a competitive PvP game where you completely rely on your teammates to win a match and it is a gathering of the worst type of gamers in the world – caps lock, nerd rage, griefing, intoxicated, noob calling type that plays these kind of games since Warcraft III. Why would I subject myself to something like that you might ask. The magic that makes me sit down every day and play a few games is the existence of levels in this game. Whenever you play a match, whether you win or lose, you get a small amount of XP which goes towards leveling your “account”. Higher the level, more things get unlocked for your characters to use. The carrot at the end of the stick is level 30 and who knows what wondrous things await me once I reach that fabled place called end game. Ranked matches? My personal army of hot babes? Cookies?
Whatever awaits at the end of the rainbow we are compelled to fill that XP bar. This is so noticeable that almost every game company out there is now making their games in such a way that unlocking something through some form of leveling is present in their games. We have shooters with levels and better guns, we have logic games setup that way. Facebook casual games are mini MMOs these days. Even Gandalf the Grey leveled up to Gandalf the White once he killed that Balrog in Moria. I predict with the next incarnation of Windows we’ll probably see a new version of Solitaire with leveling and RPG elements.
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