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PvP in a galaxy far far away!

Published by under Editorial,Game Mechanics,gameplay,PvP on Jan. 11. 2012.

So, I have been trying PvP in pretty much all its formats since launch. I have to say that I am happy with it overall.


The warfronts are somewhat balanced, although a team of 50s will roll right over a mixed group of low levels. They’ve provided a buff that seems to bring the punch up on my weapons, but I am still struggling on tactics with them.


Open PvP is my true love, and I have now experienced it on every planet that has contested areas. I found only a few players that behaved like 8 year-olds in their sister’s room. (spitting, tea bagging, and so on) I have found that, as in all open PvP, there are campers. I have only recently run into anything less than enjoyable.


Let me explain my one issue with the way the contested areas are running… Class quests! Yes yes, I know there is a wish to have enough traffic to make PvP happen. But, I must admit, when I am trying for about an hour to get to my class quest, then have my beloved attacker sit on my corpse, re-spawning there becomes worthless. So, I go back to the Med Center, and then run the gauntlet of the 10 folks waiting along the way to take me out.


I am not saying that I couldn’t give it back to them. And, I admit I no longer wait till they are done with the mob before attacking. I have been taken out from stealth while I was working on an elite more times then I wish to count.


And, though I take out my stalkers, I don’t see any reward for it. I have been told it is about 30 Valor per open world kill, But I have yet to see this. No “Experience” announcement, no “Credit” announcement, and certainly no “Valor” announcement. I had hoped that open world PvP would give as much, if not more, benefits then warfronts. But I’m not seeing this.


All of this said, I happen to really like the PvP system. I sense, with my Jedi Force power, that Mythic was instrumental in developing this system. I wish to applaud their efforts. I am hoping a few tweaks can be made. But, truthfully, I’m not seeing much.


I do not see any one class dominating, except when there are an extreme number of them. I have seen warfronts with a pretty good mix seem to work better. I have not seen areas on the different planets with more or less defenders then others. There are a few I think that could get a few more to make it a challenge to do the quest, but I do most of mine in groups these days. (Woot! Social points.)


As I expressed above, so far I haven’t minded the PvP content up to this point. A few people here and there, killing and being killed. No one camped the medical droids, or the body. Some players have been rude with emotes and such but that is everywhere.


Now on to Voss….


Wow. That was a culture shock. I found that Voss was quite a challenge, at least when I first got there. I came on to the planet flagged for PvP, and was instantly killed about 10 times before I could even figure out where I was and what I was suppose to do.


So, I took a nice break, went and had dinner, and watched a movie. Then I went back and tried again. This time I wasn’t flagged when I logged in, so I got a chance to see where it was safe to hide till you unflagged. Still, it seemed there wasn’t a place to go where the other side couldn’t get you.


What would I like to see? A cantina that you can not PvP in. I would like to see the Republic guards attacking the Sith players, and the Imperial guards attacking the Republic players. Honestly, a Jedi gets electrocuted in front of a guard and he does what…? Keeps walking… “nothing to see here, move along.” Really…? So why am I defending the Republic again?


Anyway, now that I have been on all the planets, and have seen the PvP on each, I have to say for someone like me that Voss was a hard planet. It was much more active, and quite brutal in many locations. Of course, that could all have to do with the time of day or the day of the week as well.


I would like to know what YOU, my divine reader, think about PvP. Do you do any yourself? Does it normally make you mad, or do you just not like that type of competitiveness? Those of you that do PvP, have you noticed any unbalance or needed tweaks? And tell me why you PvP.


*this weeks “by request” is an opinion piece as I could not find anyone able to stop playing long enough to give me a request. Please also remember this is my opinion here, not anyone else’s. You’re free to agree or disagree. I would also love to hear your opinions, but please refrain from name calling or destructive behavior. Thank you. Rosie


You can follow Rosie on Twitter at @Dawnsrose. You can also contact her directly via email at


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3 Responses to “PvP in a galaxy far far away!”

  1. Theguyon 14 Jan 2012 at 12:31 am

    You are defending the Republic because its the right thing to do you Goody-good. Now stand there like a good little boy and eat lightning.

  2. Rosieon 15 Jan 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Well i would like to point out that I am not a little boy… Thank you though for your comment. I was hoping to get a bit more input on maybe why you like pvp. Oh and a point, I have almost level 5 in dark on the character I play on the Republic, I didn’t realize I was a goody-good. I kind of thought I was corrupt. 🙂

    Again thanks for stoping by. Hope you enjoy the site.


  3. Galataya/ShadowHandon 17 Jan 2012 at 9:07 pm

    I am on a pve server and prefer to join the fight when I am ready not in the process of leveling. The concept of world pvp is always interesting and would be fun if it were not for the adolescent need of some people to level quickly just for the the chance to gank players lower then them. It smacks of school yard bullies and detracts from the more acceptable form of 1 on 1 combat where earning a victory becomes a sought after prize. I Do find that the class match of talents is very well executed and allows for true skill based competition when the levels are close so thumb’s up to BW for that. I have played on other mmo’s and on pvp servers so I am not surprised that many of the same players show up at new mmo launches with the same plan in mind. The upside to that is that when the rest of you catch up they will have to pay for all that early imbalanced success, and your skills will be far more honed to the task. As for the War Zone’s I participate in I find them to be fun and challenging with a reasonable win loss ratio and nice class balance, I am looking forward to some new senarios that will continue the feeling of taking a battlefield objective.