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Emergency Ilum Patch Coming

Published by under Breaking News,community news on Jan. 19. 2012.

Players just can’t stop finding ways to exploit on Ilum despite the changes made with BioWare’s first big game update. Luckily BioWare’s PvP man, Gabe Amatangelo, hopped on the forums to give everyone the rundown on the issue at hand.


It seems that players would capture the control points and then camp in the opposing faction’s medcenters in order to keep enemies from leaving their base in order to recapture control points. The original game design had enemy players instantly dying when they entered the enemy’s base, much like in warzones, but this feature was not working properly after the 1.1 update. Bioware is pushing out an Emergency Patch to fix this issue and is scheduled to begin at 8AM CST (6AM PST/ 9AM EST/ 2PM GMT/ 3PM CET) on 1/19 and end at 12PM (noon) CST (10AM PST/ 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT/ 7PM CET). Until then the population cap on Ilum has been reduced,  taxis that lead into the area have been disabled, and the developers are encouraging players to avoid Ilum until the patch is released.


Associate Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez also made it clear that BioWare was well aware of the individuals who to advantage of this exploit and will be evaluating the situation and taking action as necessary. We will be keeping an eye on this situation as it develops and will bring you any updates as they unfold.


UPDATE: This maintenance period is now scheduled to begin at approximately 9:30AM CST (7:30AM PST/ 10:30AM EST/ 3:30PM GMT/ 4:30PM CET) on 1/19 and end at 1:30PM CST (11:30AM PST/ 3:30PM EST/ 7:30PM GMT/ 8:30PM CET).

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3 Responses to “Emergency Ilum Patch Coming”

  1. Dennis W.on 19 Jan 2012 at 6:55 am

    Level 50 Jedi Sentinel here. Went to Ilum and we were getting camped like nothing I’ve ever seen. Was able to help coordinate an Op group to push them back. Sith easily outnumbered us 6:1. We attacked their base and it was like drawing moths to a flame. All I wanted to do was finish my daily. The only way for the Republic to do that today was to camp their Med Center. Once they came it was some great open world PVP….except of course for the ridiculous lag and the fact Sith are like locusts….I hope since my op group returned the love to the Sith for a bit that we don’t fall in the category of exploiters….it was the only way to get them to leave our base. Helm of Graush Server.

  2. Joshroomson 19 Jan 2012 at 7:02 am

    In the Dev post they did say that they were looking at individuals who took “extreme advantage” of the situation. My personal guess is that they will hand out some warnings like with the time people were exploiting on Ilum, possibly some suspensions if some situations were particularly extreme.

    I’m am sure your situation is not a unique one and I am hopeful that BioWare will take that into account. The only reason I could see them not being sympathetic in cases like these would be because they did encourage players to avoid Ilum once the exploit was discovered.

  3. ncd2on 19 Jan 2012 at 4:19 pm

    How can Bioware hand out suspensions for players taking advantage of something Bioware didnt resolve in the first place? Bioware needs to take a good look at the QA team, punish them, not the players. It’s not the players fault that Bioware left holes in the game, its Bioware’s fault. I would assume that warnings would be more sufficient. I think that those who “took advantage” should all be rewarded and given jobs at Bioware as QA specialists.