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May 4th Community Q&A

Published by under community news on May. 05. 2012.

Another Friday, another Q&A session between the developers and the community. This week we found out about some more features that may be included in the game at a later date (such as a mentoring system and some guild leader functionality), got some economy questions answered, learned the hows and whys of the companions, and a whole bunch more.


You can find all of this week’s questions and answers after the jump. If you want to submit a question to BioWare head over to the official forums and leave your question with the developers. Who knows, you may just find your question among those that are tackled next Friday! Continue Reading »

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Community Q&A on 4/20

Published by under community news on Apr. 21. 2012.

Ah Firday, day of my most favorite thing ever on the SWTOR forums: the Community Q&A. Questions answered this week have actually been gathered from two weeks ago, but they are no less relevant on the current game state. I always love it when I see a game company opening up direct communication with their fans, so kudos to BioWare for taking the time out even during busy weeks like this one must be in order to reach out to the community.


You can find all of this week’s questions and answers after the jump, and if you want to submit a question for next week head over to the official forums and post it in the thread BioWare has created. Continue Reading »

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March 30th Community Q&A: A 1.2 Discussion

Published by under community news on Mar. 31. 2012.

This week’s Community Q&A was all about the developers bringing players the answers to some of the most burning 1.2 questions they have come across, and boy did they deliver. This week’s article is chock full of all kinds of 1.2 goodness, including what has been my favorite response to a question since the Q&A articles began:


Aymi: You guys are including a whole bunch of things to motivate us to reroll and unlock stuff through Legacy, but if I’m playing on one server because the community is great, I’ll be limited to eight characters. You said during the Guild Summit you were going to think about it at some point, any update on that?

Daniel Erickson: We are 100% committed to providing more character slots per server in the future but unfortunately we’re not ready to talk about how that will work.


This is great news for players like me who have already used up all 8 character slots but have no interest in switching servers. Outside of that little gem there is still a metric ton of great info in the article, including a huge answer from Georg Zoeller about how gear and reverse engineering is going to work in 1.2.


Head on over to the official SWTOR site and read the article at your earliest opportunity. You will not regret it. And as always feel free to share your thoughts on everything with us in the comments section below!

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Cosmetic Gear – How important is it to you?

Published by under Game Mechanics,gameplay,Role Play on Nov. 09. 2011.

As I have shown in a previous article – Is “She” really a “She”? Female Gamers and Gender Bending in MMORPGs – 60 percent of MMO players have role-played. But, even among those who haven’t, I think most can say that they have happened upon that one gear set that really struck them as “perfect” for their character. Either it was perfectly menacing, evil, just, good, sweet, innocent or any one of a million different adjectives, but whatever it was that made it that way, it was perfect for their character.

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The Leveling Game

Published by under Editorial on Aug. 14. 2011.

Inspired by SWTOR fans on Twitter I’ve started playing League of Legends, DOTA clone or what people now call a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. It is a competitive PvP game where you completely rely on your teammates to win a match and it is a gathering of the worst type of gamers in the world – caps lock, nerd rage, griefing, intoxicated, noob calling type that plays these kind of games since Warcraft III. Why would I subject myself to something like that you might ask. The magic that makes me sit down every day and play a few games is the existence of levels in this game. Whenever you play a match, whether you win or lose, you get a small amount of XP which goes towards leveling your “account”. Higher the level, more things get unlocked for your characters to use. The carrot at the end of the stick is level 30 and who knows what wondrous things await me once I reach that fabled place called end game. Ranked matches? My personal army of hot babes? Cookies?
Whatever awaits at the end of the rainbow we are compelled to fill that XP bar. This is so noticeable that almost every game company out there is now making their games in such a way that unlocking something through some form of leveling is present in their games. We have shooters with levels and better guns, we have logic games setup that way. Facebook casual games are mini MMOs these days. Even Gandalf the Grey leveled up to Gandalf the White once he killed that Balrog in Moria. I predict with the next incarnation of Windows we’ll probably see a new version of Solitaire with leveling and RPG elements.
  Click here to read more thoughts on the leveling game and how SWTOR will handle it

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Forum Friday: SWTOR + Razer Switchblade?

Published by under gameplay,speculation on Apr. 15. 2011.

My original post for this weeks edition was all written up and all I had to do was type it out. So what happens? My brain starts thinking about things that would be nice to have in edition to playing Swtor and I had a post ready to go on the forums. I head over there and BAM, it’s already got a post, dated today about the same topic I was thinking about. So while it is fresh on the mind, I decided to switch gears and pop out this little post, even though the thread was just started.The thread, and my thoughts, center around Swtor and the Razer Switchblade.


Where's the Jump button?


So are you interested yet? Read on then friends!

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