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March 30th Community Q&A: A 1.2 Discussion

Published by under community news on Mar. 31. 2012.

This week’s Community Q&A was all about the developers bringing players the answers to some of the most burning 1.2 questions they have come across, and boy did they deliver. This week’s article is chock full of all kinds of 1.2 goodness, including what has been my favorite response to a question since the Q&A articles began:


Aymi: You guys are including a whole bunch of things to motivate us to reroll and unlock stuff through Legacy, but if I’m playing on one server because the community is great, I’ll be limited to eight characters. You said during the Guild Summit you were going to think about it at some point, any update on that?

Daniel Erickson: We are 100% committed to providing more character slots per server in the future but unfortunately we’re not ready to talk about how that will work.


This is great news for players like me who have already used up all 8 character slots but have no interest in switching servers. Outside of that little gem there is still a metric ton of great info in the article, including a huge answer from Georg Zoeller about how gear and reverse engineering is going to work in 1.2.


Head on over to the official SWTOR site and read the article at your earliest opportunity. You will not regret it. And as always feel free to share your thoughts on everything with us in the comments section below!

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