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Rishi Datacrons

Published by under news on Dec. 04. 2014.

Early Access week for the SWTOR 3.0 Digital Expansion – Shadow of Revan has begun on December 2nd, 2014. This update increases Level Cap to 60, brings two new planets, high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations and in addition to all of this, four new datacrons on the planet Rishi. Unlike previous times when datacrons were scattered throughout the maps on hard to reach places, Bioware has decided to place four new datacrons on the same location. But, it doesn’t mean that the datacrons hunt will be easier this time. You will have to complete 5 steps that include defeating 3 rare mobs, interacting with Cybernetic Skull, getting special buffs and much more.

For all of you datacron hunters, we have prepared a detailed screenshot guide that will help you overcome some of the obstacles in this datacron challenge – SWTOR 3.0 Shadow of Revan Rishi datacrons +10 stats guide

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