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Login problems and solutions

Published by under Breaking News,news on Dec. 22. 2011.

It seems a large number of players are having issues with logging into the game today. There are several reasons this might be happening but the most common is that you have not set up a subscription on your swtor account properly. For those of you getting the error “no active subscription” or that your “account requires additional activation steps before you can log in” that probably means you did not complete the setup of your account properly. The proper steps to set up your account for play (now that the early access and grace period are over) are:

  1. Complete your contact information
  2. Create/setup three to five security questions on your account page
  3. Redeem an official Game Product Registration Code (you got the code when you bought the game – on the box or in the email if digital copy)
  4. Sign up for a subscription! (you will have to enter your credit card number and choose a subscription plan. you will NOT be charged until the first 30 days are up. This is standard procedure for all subscription based MMORPG games)

All of these can be completed at the “My Account” page on Be warned that it seems a lot of people did not read the instructions when they were setting up their account and now a lot of them are trying to log into their account and do the steps above. If you are greeted by a page that asks politely to wait until you log in, just wait for a few minutes and you will be able to log in. I tried it and it really is about a one minute wait.
Your account should look like this once you do all the steps above:

If you are still having problems please check out these official sources for possible solutions
Facebook Q&A page blog entry on Activating your account


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4 Responses to “Login problems and solutions”

  1. Derimoson 22 Dec 2011 at 10:30 pm


  2. spidrkaon 22 Dec 2011 at 11:03 pm

    This solution does not work, as the website has issues; I registered my code already and the main page doesn’t recognize (though it is listed in my registered codes history). As well, I purchase a pre-paid card and my subscription is successful on the website, yet the game client won’t recognize, stating there is no active subscription on this account. Sent a webmail message 2 days ago and an email this morning and another this evening. Am waiting for customer service to respond. Phones are down at SWTOR.

    Just FYI, an update that solutions posted online aren’t working. 🙂

  3. spidrkaon 23 Dec 2011 at 12:09 am

    Update on this, my solution wasn’t with the Star Wars website, it was with Origin. Origin sent me a preregistration code, that worked up until today. I was supposed to receive another code for standard access, which I never received. that’s why it didn’t work on the registration on the website. I called Origin customer support and they helped. Now I’m in! Well, sort of… #112 in the que to get in! hahaha…

  4. Derimoson 23 Dec 2011 at 8:50 am

    You must be careful with what credit card you choose. For example I manage to subscribe when I changed type of credit card from Visa Electron to Visa.