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Eternity Vault Raid Trailer

Published by under E3,video on Jun. 08. 2011.

The trailer that was shown during yesterday;s live chat with Gabe Amatangelo is now released on its own in full HD quality on EA’s Youtube chanell. You can view it bellow (thanks to Godtiergaming for the find).

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Day after Day 1 news

Published by under E3,news,video on Jun. 08. 2011.

It is official. Jeff from is a pimp! How else would you describe a guy that went around the E3 show floor and took pictures of himself with the hottest booth babes around and called them all his “best new girlfriend.”? To view this gallery of awesome make sure you visit They also have some great Day 1 coverage so make sure you stick around their site.
Beside the awesome Live Stream with Daniel Erickson and our very own interview with the man there was another feature that might have gone under the radar for many SWTOR fans. It was and their live show with DE and for the first time we saw the full King Bouris Ulgo event (this is the Alderaan flashpoint/event/whatchamacallit). Thanks to the ladies of Corellian Run Radio that found this embed, here is a video of the whole thing:

Eternity Vault (the first raid that was ever talked about) trailer was first seen yesterday as well. This was shown during Gabe Amatangelo appearance on Spkie TV / I am sure we will see this trailer in full HD quality very soon on, but for now watch the bad TV grab bellow:

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