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E3 Atmosphere Footage

Published by under E3,video on Jun. 08. 2011.

Being the greatest gathering of Electronic Entertainment professionals, E3 surely has a lot to offer. We tried to capture some of the atmosphere from the show floor so you can get a glimpse at just how massive this event is. Here are some images as well as a video of E3 atmosphere with Bioware doctors making a guest appearance.

Image Gallery

E3 Entrance David Bass SWTOR Life fans Show Floor Booth Babes
Secret Room of Secrets Lines at booth Booth Babes 2 EA booth and lines the good doctors

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New Screenshots Released

Published by under E3 on Jun. 06. 2011.

Several screenshots have just been released as part of the E3 2011 SWTOR media kit. They include in-game screens of Tatooine, Alderan “scenario” (all of these are entitled Ulgo .. make your own guesses here) and Vehicles (player mounts). Here are the screens:

Tatooine Screenshots

Tatooine 1 Tatooine 2 Tatooine 3 Tatooine 4 Tatooine 5
Tatooine 6

Alderaan Screenshots

Ulgo 1 Ulgo 2 Ulgo 3 Ulgo 4 Ulgo 5

Vehicle Screenshots

Vehicles 1 Vehicles 2 Vehicles 3


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Pax East SWTOR Minute by Minute coverage – Day 2

Published by under Events,Live Coverage,PAX East on Mar. 12. 2011.

Welcome to our second day of covering the Penny Arcade Expo and all the Star Wars The Old Republic news that will be pouring out of Boston. Yesterday was a satisfying day for TOR fans because of the officially released trailer and a number of great gameplay videos from both Taral V instance/flashpoint and starting worlds. There was an announcement that we’ll get some more official news today as well so keep refreshing this post for the latest updates.

Latest Video:

Latest News:

Images from the show floor:

256746533 256746554 256746599 256746621 256747700

Mos Eisley Radio Playing SWTOR

Click for Full Size

Corellian Run Radio talking to Daniel Erickson

CRR Crew + Erickson = awesome

Fansites gathering for interview time

Torocast, DartHater, MER

You can check out our Day One coverage in the posts bellow:

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Twi’lek, Wookies and Smugglers Take Over Friday

Published by under Smuggler on Sep. 24. 2010.

Image found at

I admit, I expected a smuggler update last Friday and I was wrong. I admit, I did not expect the smuggler update this Friday and that is exactly what happened. And what an update it is!
We have the Smuggler page in the Holonet updated with his specializations and new videos and screenshots.
There is also a page on the smuggler’s bad-ass Wookie associate (companion character), Bowdaar, also known as “The Killer from Kashyyyk”. The winner of 10,000 death matches in the arena got his own holonet page in the biographies section.
Just to make things as interesting as possible we are also introduced to smuggler’s spaceship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter. There is a brand new video showcasing the spaceship and we can see several NPCs occupying it. Presumably these are the other smuggler companion characters and one of them seems to be a Mon Calamari! You can watch the video bellow or in our YouTube channel or on the official starship page.
If you thought that is all you were wrong. We also learn that you will be able to make a Twi’lek smuggler and because of that we are presented with an official Twi’lek inhabitants page on the Holonet. Visit it to learn about their natural beauty and charm and what are ‘lekku’ (those head tails they have), and also you can find out why there are so many slave Twi’leks around.

Smuggler Gallery

Smuggler Scoundrel screenshot 1 Smuggler Scoundrel screenshot 2 Smuggler Gunslinger screenshot 1 Smuggler Gunslinger screenshot 2

Smuggler Starship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 1 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 2 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 3 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light 4

Smuggler Starship – Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter Concept Art

Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 1 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 2 Smuggler Starship XS Stock Light Concept Art 3

Twi’lek Gallery

Twi\'lek 1 Twi\'lek 2 Twi\'lek 3

You can watch the Smuggler trailer and Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter after the break

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GamesCom Atmosphere at the TOR Booth

Published by under GamesCom,Image Gallery,video on Aug. 24. 2010.

GamesCom 2010 ended over the weekend and I can’t say that I won’t miss it. You get drawn in into the whole convention madness. Free swag, people doing crazy cosplay, meeting Darth Vader in person and games, games, games everywhere. If you are a gamer in heart (like me) you surely would appreciate the atmosphere. To share some of the atmosphere of the show we present you with a video of the crowds at the SWTOR booth (that is the place we hung out the most after all) and a gallery of images. We hope you enjoy them.

CIMG3040 CIMG3046 CIMG3056 CIMG2994 CIMG3114
CIMG3115 CIMG3116 CIMG3029 CIMG3057 CIMG3122

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Images from the SWTOR GamesCom booth

Published by under gameplay,GamesCom on Aug. 18. 2010.

You will be able to get some hands on gameplay with The Old Republic this year at the GamesCom convention in Cologne, Germany. The whole experience is divided into sections where you are taken through three introductory 15 minute videos, where you are given general information about the game and shown the Hope trailer. The last 15 minute section describes how to play the game and than you are taken into the open area with various characters already setup for you to play with.

Jedi Knight and Consular are still not available. There are the Republic table and the Sith table so there is some competition going on.

We’ll give you our impressions on the gameplay later on, for now here are the images we took at the booth.

CIMG2993 CIMG2996 CIMG2997 CIMG2994 CIMG2995
CIMG3000 CIMG3004

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