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Bioware Don’t Dumb Down My Crew Skills In SWTOR!

Published by under Crafting,SwtorCrafter on Oct. 30. 2011.

Dumbing Down!


As a person who is still not in beta testing at this time I have the freedom to speak my mind and theorize on certain in game mechanics in SWTOR because legitimately I do not know for sure what some of them truly are like.  I have not as yet been infiltrated and absorbed by beta testing knowledge so I am still pure in my speculations and ramblings.

Take crew skills and crafting in SWTOR for instance, they have released a lot of general information in the past from mainly one dev diary and a lot of fansite interviews and some various Q&A’s found on the internet at different sites.

There is information out there, but it is just so up in the air right now what with all the rumors and hub bub I have been hearing floating around about how they are changing so many things about the crafting system at this time.

While I understand that they must change things as a result of feedback from the testers and actual time people have spent kicking the tires and such, the things I am hearing are worrying me to no end.


Why you ask?


Well OK, you twisted my arm.

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Your RP Q&A

Published by under Role Play on Oct. 28. 2011.

((The RP XP with MJ #10))

     The smoke and dust settled slowly over the street. Fires crackled and hissed, injured people moaned or cried out from the rubble. The Miraluka moved slowly through the debris left by the Imperial attack, looking for signs of the two Jedi. Anywhere she found a civilian or a passerby who was hurt in the attack, she took the time to escort them out of the street and into the safety of an alley where two surviving Republic troopers had set up a triage.

     After finding five survivors and marking two bodies, Misha Vu-don crouched next to a Force aura. Of course she couldn’t see the bruised and soot-stained face of Master Kendris, but she could clearly see the Force emanating from him.

     Kendris blinked up at the woman, then his eyes widened with panic. “What happened? Where’s Tarik?”

     The Miraluka spoke in a voice so calm it was almost lost in the hush of settling ash. “He is well, Kendris. I believe he managed to escape before the bombardment. He seeks your Twi’lek. I am Misha Vu-don of he Nazzri Enclave.”

     Kendris pried himself out of the rubble and dusted himself off after making a cursory check of himself for wounds. A few bruises, a few cuts, but miraculously all right.

     “The Sith are gone,” Misha said, not quite looking at him but sensing his curiosity.

     “Where did that go? Which way?”

     She held up a hand and rested it on his chest. She felt the firmness of his armor below the robes and smiled. “Calm yourself, Kendris. There are other more important questions to answer first.”

     The Jedi Master looked around at the edge of the crater near his feet as he pulled away from her touch and kicked at some rubble as if looking for something.

     “Your Padawan will be back soon with the Twi’lek you were protecting.” She made no attempt to curl the word ‘protecting’ into a sarcastic lilt, but Kendris glanced at her as if he’d heard it nonetheless. He huffed and continued digging.

     Misha sniffed the air and turned her head toward the alley where more people were gathering with their wounds, some weeping and carrying bodies of others. She turned toward Kendris, then back again.

     “We should help the wounded,” Misha said. The siren of an emergency aid speeder grew louder in the distance.

     Kendris continued kicking and plucking at the overturned rubble by his feet, grunting as he pushed heavier pieces of the ruined street aside.

     Misha held out a hand. A piece of rubble three meters away overturned revealing a glint of silver. The lightsaber hilt flew into her hand.

     She held it toward Kendris. “Now that you have this back, perhaps we can help those who need us.”

     Kendris took the weapon without a word. Though Miraluka couldn’t see it, he nodded before moving past her toward the alley.
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Revan Novel Excerpt WOW!

Published by under Breaking News on Oct. 27. 2011.


Today we got a nice treat, hell, I would call it an AWESOME treat from Drew Karpyshyn, the author of the upcoming Revan book.  A synopsis was published today along with the specs.  I immensely enjoyed this as it has done nothing but to set a fire within me.

This novel when released on November 15th will tie together key pieces of the SWTOR in game lore that until the day that this novel releases will be under the strict control of Lead Writer for SWTOR at Bioware, Daniel Erickson.  Daniel has been heard at the latest NYCC Q&A panel to say that this in game lore arc is a closely guarded secret on a need to know basis and that only he stores the complete write up on his machine.

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TOR Lore- Origin Worlds pt. 3 Nal Hutta

Published by under Lore on Oct. 27. 2011.

After a week of hiatus due to me moving into a new place TOR Lore is back! This week I’m walking you through the history of Nal Hutta, capital of Hutt space and starting world for the Bounty Hunter and the Imperial Agent. Though it was not the original home planet of the Hutts, it is now the one they call home to their species and where the Hutt Cartel hold their meetings. Its swampy, bloated terrain matches the form of its masters, and it is part three in our look at the origin worlds in SWTOR. Continue Reading »

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Old Republic Lore “On The Cheap”

Published by under Lore on Oct. 24. 2011.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is slightly less than two months away. This is great news in many ways! But for many people, it can also be a source of frustration as more and more Old Republic related books are released. Let’s face it, TOR isn’t cheap and the current world economy isn’t exactly the best right now. I am sure that there are many people out there who may have had their financial reality make the choice of the version of TOR they are getting, rather than what they actually wanted. And forget buying the novels, graphic novels and other items.

If you haven’t played Knights of the Old Republic, or its sequel yet, both can be found for relatively cheap online in most cases – but there is an even cheaper method of getting your hands on all of this stuff that you may not have considered. Your local library. I know, for books, it is like saying, “Did you know that water is wet?” But stick with me a moment. With the internet, many people have stopped thinking about their local libraries, which is a shame. I already have Revan on hold at my library for when it comes out. Sure, if I can buy or win a copy, that will be a lot better – but until that happens, at least I know that I will be able to read the book not too long after it comes out.

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Its Time To Welcome The WOW Players

Published by under Blog on Oct. 24. 2011.

Yeh that’s right that is me saying that and I still have the hate, a hate relationship with everything about the game. Blizzard may have done a great deal right yet this is no excuse for doing other things that are so wrong.


Leveling is a grind with little to no fun to be had until you reach the end-game. Gear being junked after every expansion and all your hard work gaining those items washed-out from one day to the next.

Dumbing down of content so anyone playing 3 hours per week can have epics when you slogged you guts out getting them.


Then there is the other side, the side of the players. We on the outside only really see the bad points. Constant bitching in the forums and in-game. QQing about things being to hard which force Blizzard to dumb down yet more content. And when someone has a different opinion than those of the masses they get shot down as if there is only one view and flame anyone that sees the world in a different way.

Above all I hate anyone who has only every played WOW and thinks everything WOW has to offer was invented by Blizzard.

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Turtles with lightsabers

Published by under humor on Oct. 23. 2011.

It is Sunday evening. Lets have a nice chuckle before dreaded Monday.

Turtles With Lightsabers GIF - Turtles With Lightsabers
see more Gifs

Better than Pandas IMHO.

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MMORPG Addiction – Does It Exist? Should Bioware Do Anything?

Published by under Editorial on Oct. 22. 2011.

“There is no formal diagnosis of video game addiction in current medical or psychological literature. Inclusion of it as a psychological disorder has been proposed and rejected for the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).”

I have seen several lengthy discussions about SW:TOR, parental controls, gaming addiction, and what responsibility, if any, BioWare has to protect us from ourselves. I would like to take this opportunity to present my opinion:

There is a difference between addiction and obsession. Addiction is when you have to do something due to a physical or mental craving and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you are deprived of the subject of your addiction. Obsession, on the other hand, is a persistent, disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation. And while you may have obsessive thoughts about the subject of your obsession for a long time, there are no actual withdrawal symptoms present – as there are with addiction.

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New Writer Added To The Team At SWTOR-LIFE, Daelda!

Published by under Site news on Oct. 22. 2011.

Today I have the honor of announcing that one of our Staff members here at the offices of Swtor-Life has decided to throw his hat into the ring and begin writing articles for the site.  I am very pleased by this as he has been a long time contributor to the SWTOR community from twitter, the official SWTOR forums and many other places.  Those of you who are regulars here probably know him from twitter where he goes by the handle @Daelda.

His first article will be posted today in which he talks about “MMO Addiction”  It should be a fun time complete with many thoughts and ideas that the MMO community needs to hear.

I look forward to his future articles and I know that he has particular fondness for crafting in MMO’s so I hope to see something from him on that train of thought as well.

Join me in welcoming him to the writing staff and give him your support!

Here is a little bit from him about himself to help you get to know him better,

I served in the US Military for 8 years. I have worked in several Civilian jobs, including Co-Owning a game store for several years – selling RPGs, card games, board games and the like. I have been a GM for 28+ years and enjoy Role-Playing – which is how I met my wife of over 7 years.

I have been owned by ferrets since 1992 and currently have 4 Ferrets. I am now permanently disabled, making it hard for me to socialize IRL, so my main socialization occurs via my online interactions – including playing MMOs – which, due to a VERY understanding wife (who also plays), I can play almost as much as I want (well…as long as I don’t neglect her, the ferrets, or my ‘house-hubby’ duties). This results in an average of 40+ hours a week playing most MMOs, with more time spent during Launch events of course.

I am a Completionist, an Alt-O-Holic to the extreme (I plan on playing 16 Characters in SW:TOR – one of each AC, with two of each Species (one male and one female)), a light Role-Player, an Explorer and a big Crafter. I plan to be a Dedicated Crafter in TOR, using the Crafting System to is full potential if possible.

I have never been much of a PvPer or a Raider, but I am planning to use TOR as my “Reboot” MMO, where I try to give everything a fresh chance to win me over – and after watching the videos and demos, I am actually very excited for both Operations and PvP.

I have played MMOs for many years – starting briefly with the MUD Harshlands, then moving on to EverQuest, EVE Online back when it first launched (where I learned to dislike PvP), Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft – where I spent many years as a Guild Officer, Lord of the Rings Online – where again, I served as a Guild Officer, with brief stints in City of Heroes, and Age of Conan.

I *almost always* join a Guild before I even purchase an MMO, because it’s more fun to play with friends to at least talk to, than be completely alone, but I tend to do a lot of Soloing in MMOs, in part because of just how many hours I spend playing them. After spending so many hours grouped up, sometimes I just feel the need for some ‘personal time’ – even if I still stay in communication with my Guild Members. I enjoy helping others, especially those new to MMOs and have been known to go out of my way to take pity on a clueless newbie, with some basic Crafted gear and instructions on how to play.

I am also a fan of Single-Player RPG and Strategy games.


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The Female Character, The Male Player

Published by under Role Play on Oct. 21. 2011.

((The RP XP with MJ #9))

The bounty hunter looked over at the agent as her fingers danced across the controls of the ship. The engines rumbled to life and the entire ship began to shake as the coiled energy above the landing struts began to take offense to gravity.

Jenla Ruf pulled back on the control yoke and punched the switch to retract the ramp and landing gear. She glanced at Boarsch as the ship stopped rumbling and hung in the air a few feet above the spaceport. “What?” she glared, her red Chiss eyes flashing.

Boarsch only shrugged one shoulder. He looked out the forward viewport and considered this tiny planet’s sunset as the ship slowly ascended.

Just above the roof line of the spaceport, Jenla slapped a switch on the console and the ship bounced slightly as it hovered. Then she turned in the captain’s seat toward him. “No. Seriously, Boarsch. What?”

He matched her glare for a moment before drawing a breath. “It’s just that I don’t even know you some times. One minute you’re all dark and businesslike when we’re trying to get the information out of that Twi’lek girl, then we’re having sex–”

“Making love,” she corrected, still glaring but with one eyebrow raised.

“Whatever–then you turn into Jawa jelly when Darth Tagious barges in, then you’re telling me to shut-up.”

The ship continued to hover. She continued to glare.


Jenla blinked. “I love you, Mandalorian. Don’t change who you are.” Then she punched the thrusters on the ship and it lurched forward, angling up and around the spaceport as she checked the scanners.

Boarsch crossed his arms and sighed, turning his glare to the forward viewport.

It didn’t take long for Agent Ruf to find what she was looking for. She identified the flashes of blue and red bouncing off the walls of buildings on a nearby street to be the signs of a lightsaber duel. Grinning, she told Boarsch, “Charge up the main gun.”

“What? What are you–?”

“Do it!”
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