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Revan Novel Excerpt WOW!

Published by under Breaking News on Oct. 27. 2011.


Today we got a nice treat, hell, I would call it an AWESOME treat from Drew Karpyshyn, the author of the upcoming Revan book.  A synopsis was published today along with the specs.  I immensely enjoyed this as it has done nothing but to set a fire within me.

This novel when released on November 15th will tie together key pieces of the SWTOR in game lore that until the day that this novel releases will be under the strict control of Lead Writer for SWTOR at Bioware, Daniel Erickson.  Daniel has been heard at the latest NYCC Q&A panel to say that this in game lore arc is a closely guarded secret on a need to know basis and that only he stores the complete write up on his machine.

WOW!  That alone should tell you just how awesome this lore hook is going to be and how central to the game Revan is.  Revan will be one of the key points of the in game lore for SWTOR, that alone makes this a must purchase in my opinion.

Check out this small snippet and you decide just how awesome this will be!

As for me and my house we will be reading.

Read the full excerpt here at

LORD SCOURGE RAISED the hood of his cloak as he stepped off the shuttle, a shield against the wind and pelting rain. Storms were common here on Dromund Kaas; dark clouds perpetually blocked out the sun, rendering terms like day and night meaningless. The only natural illumination came from the frequent bursts of lightning arcing across the sky, but the glow from the spaceport and nearby Kaas City provided more than enough light to see where he was going.

The powerful electrical storms were a physical manifestation of the dark side power that engulfed the entire planet–a power that had brought the Sith back here a millennium before, when their very survival had been in doubt.

After a crushing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the Emperor had risen up from the tattered ranks of the remaining Sith Lords to lead his followers on a desperate exodus to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Fleeing the Republic armies and the relentless revenge of the Jedi, they eventually resettled far beyond the borders of Republic-charted space on their long-lost ancestral homeworld.

There, safely hidden from their enemies, the Sith began to rebuild their Empire. Under the guidance of the Emperor–the immortal and all-powerful savior who still reigned over them even after a thousand years–they abandoned the hedonistic lifestyles of their barbaric ancestors.

Instead they created a near-perfect society in which the Imperial military operated and controlled virtually every aspect of daily life. Farmers, mechanics, teachers, cooks, janitors–all were part of the great martial machine, each individual a cog trained to perform his or her duties with maximum discipline and efficiency. As a result, the Sith had been able to conquer and enslave world after world in the unexplored regions of the galaxy, until their power and influence rivaled those of their glorious past.




4 responses so far

4 Responses to “Revan Novel Excerpt WOW!”

  1. Figmenton 27 Oct 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Very excited for this! I think its incredible how much story hinges on Revan and those he’s closest to (i.e. the exile).

  2. Daeldaon 28 Oct 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Custom avatar

    I have it reserved at my local library for when it first releases. Can’t wait!

  3. chrison 08 Nov 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Why did you only post a tiny portion? They posted the whole chapter plus a chapter from late in the book…

  4. Swtorcrafteron 08 Nov 2011 at 2:54 pm


    I felt that what I posted was enough for the reader to see just how awesome it sounds, I did not want to overdo it, a article that is too huge is often a article that doesn’t get read but merely skimmed. 😉