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Archive for April, 2011

SWTOR Life questions from Developer Q&A transcribed

Published by under humor,Interview,SWTOUR on Apr. 29. 2011.

As part of our Fan Site Summit experience at Bioware offices in Austin, Texas, we got a chance to participate in two Q&A sessions that were organized with Damion Schubert, Lead Systems Designer, Daniel Erickson, Lead writer and Blaine Christine, Live Producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We managed to ask one question to each of them and I am providing you with a transcripts of these questions and answers along with complete audio recording of the Q&A sessions so you can hear what other sites asked and got answers for.

I would also like to mention that the impression you get when asking these developers questions is that they are really smart and approachable. I thought that the Imperial Agent question (that we actually got asked by one of the community members on the official forums) was going to catch them off-guard, but they had an answer right off the bat. They want to tell you everything about the game that they have been building for so long and it always take an effort for them to constrain themselves to not spilling the beans on not-yet-released information.

Click here to read and listen to the questions and answers we got

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Swtorcrafter’s Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions

Published by under SWTOUR on Apr. 29. 2011.


I was recently given the opportunity to play the Bounty Hunter class in an origin world experience at the  first ever Bioware Fan Site Summit.  It was a fun time indeed and I am thankful for the opportunity.  It has answered a lot of questions for me personally about more than just the class, but on a broader level of having to do with my views on the game.

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Sith Warrior Trailer Released

Published by under video on Apr. 29. 2011.

As part of this Friday’s update, Bioware treated us with the Sith Warrior Progression video. The star of the video is a Sith pureblood and we can see how his skills, armor and looks change as he gets more powerful. In all honesty this is the best looking progression video we have seen so far, especially the high level armor the Sith Warrior gets to wear. If I may be honest I think that is probably the best looking armor I have ever seen in any MMO so far.


A funny anecdote about this video is that we got to preview it at last week’s Fan Site Summit. They wanted to release this video as part of last Friday update, but they missed the deadline by 30 minutes and had to delay it for this week. I really don’t mind, because a trailer this awesome is rewarding just as long as everyone gets to see it, no matter when.

click here to read more about the User Interface article that was also released

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Interview with Bioware’s Damion Schubert on Crew Skills

Published by under Breaking News,SWTOUR on Apr. 28. 2011.

Damion Schubert



We are representing for you! has been given the honor of interviewing Damion Schubert, the Lead Systems Designer for Bioware, as part of the Fan Site Summit 2011.  We gathered the majority of questions for the interview from the community and we thank you for making your voice heard.

Join us now as we dive right into just who Damion is for the company and what he has been involved with in the past, and the goodies we have to look forward to in the Crew Skills system! There are exclusive reveals about the yet unannounced aspects of the Crew Skills system to be found in this interview and we will be providing a transcript shortly.

A big thank you to all who posted questions in this thread on the official forums where we asked the community for their choice of questions to go to Damion, some of you got the answers I hope you were looking for.





Join me in my next Swtorcrafter crafting article where I discuss this information in depth, there is a ton of it to wring out of this interview!


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Swtorcrafter’s impressions from Bioware’s Fan Site Summit 2011

Published by under SWTOUR on Apr. 28. 2011.

It was like a dream come true, the fact that I was part of a site that was recognized by Bioware as worthy of attending their first ever “Fan Site Summit of 2011”.  I am still having a hard time comprehending it all, and I think the events of the last few days are just now starting to soak in now that I am finally at home and can pause long enough to reflect.

Please click here to read SWTORCrafter’s Full impressions about the Fan Site Summit

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Exclusive Screenshot

Published by under Breaking News,SWTOUR on Apr. 28. 2011.

We proudly present an exclusive screenshot from within Star Wars the Old Republic. Make sure you click on the image to see it in full size.

Click on the image to see it in Full Size

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Unedited Video of Torocast Recording Show 100 at SWTOUR

Published by under SWTOUR,video on Apr. 25. 2011.

We had the pleasure of attending the recording of show no. 100 of the longest lasting SWTOR podcast around – TOROCast. Here’s the unedited recording of the last 10 minutes of the event. I just wanted to put this out, even if it is raw footage, because I can not imagine us having any time for doing this in the next 24-48 hours.

Best to and thanks for having us during such an important show. You can also find the recording of the whole show at Guys from TOR Syndicate broadcast-ed it live through there.  There doing it live!


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Trip to Austin Live Blog (updated)

Published by under SWTOUR on Apr. 22. 2011.

I feel like a participant of a certain road trip movie. Destination: creator of a Star Wars Universe; time of departure: right about now. Comic relief best buddies and a potential love interest are missing because I am flying this one Solo (Millenium Falcon not included).
What sounded like a dream of a distant future is now a hard hitting reality and I am about to call a cab to take me to the airport, where the adventure called Fan Site Summit in Austin, Texas will begin. My journey will take me across 6033 miles (that is 9709 km for you metric people out there) and four airports (3 flights to get me from Belgrade, Serbia to Austin, Texas). Twenty hours later I will be basking in hot Texan sun with my family hopelessly far away and days full of wonder ahead.
This site was created with fans of the Old Republic in mind. We exist for this SWTOR community as part of that community. As such, I wanted to share as much as I can about this completely unexpected experience Bioware provided me with, hoping that, at least in some capacity, you will be able to live it with me. I will be updating this post through every leg of the journey up to the doors of Bioware’s studio. There will be impressions and images posted in this very post about anything remotely interesting I encounter on the way. Although I imagine the truly interesting stuff begins once I pass through those doors in Austin, as with every journey, there is a beginning and a path to cross and I want to share it with you guys every step of the way.
Click here to read the trip blog (images included)

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Forum Friday: It’s Easter!

Published by under Blog,SWTOUR on Apr. 22. 2011.

So with this week at work being crazy, packing for my non-SWTOUR trip into North Carolina country, this weeks Forum Friday has been pushed back a week. I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone too much, but I think there will be enough talk and chatter from whatever happens on the Update today.


To all the Fan-sites headed to Bioware this weekend, I hope everyone has safe travels and gets to have an enjoyable time. we are all looking forward to hear how much fun it was for you all once you return!


Happy Easter everyone!

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Jawa’s Revenge Webcomic

Published by under community news on Apr. 21. 2011.

What can make a MMO great is its community. If this was the only standard TOR was judged for it would be pretty high up in the standings. The fan art we see on the forums and during regular Fan Fridays is absolutely amazing. We see a bunch of great community made fansites providing original content every day. SWTOR is probably the game with the highest number of podcasts, if nothing else, with the highest number of quality podcasts.

I wanted to share one more gem that comes from the community. It is a single page webcomic that the author was inspired to make because of the recently released “Fate of the Galaxy” trailer. That particular trailer features three seconds of a Sith warrior kicking innocent Jawa out of view… Author of the webcomic, Iconic from guild Sotor (Saints of the Old Republic), thinks this is what happened next:

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