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Sith Warrior Trailer Released

Published by under video on Apr. 29. 2011.

As part of this Friday’s update, Bioware treated us with the Sith Warrior Progression video. The star of the video is a Sith pureblood and we can see how his skills, armor and looks change as he gets more powerful. In all honesty this is the best looking progression video we have seen so far, especially the high level armor the Sith Warrior gets to wear. If I may be honest I think that is probably the best looking armor I have ever seen in any MMO so far.


A funny anecdote about this video is that we got to preview it at last week’s Fan Site Summit. They wanted to release this video as part of last Friday update, but they missed the deadline by 30 minutes and had to delay it for this week. I really don’t mind, because a trailer this awesome is rewarding just as long as everyone gets to see it, no matter when.

We’ve also heard about the UI of The Old Republic going through several iterations lately. Michael Voigt, Lead UI Artist at BioWare Austin, gets to talk about just what that entails in the developer blog that was also released this Friday. You can find a great deal of detail and images of various early designs of the UI in the article and I highly recommend it.


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