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Dry Tree vs Predator

Published by under Swtor Comic on Jul. 07. 2012.

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Let me make something clear up front. I love the way Inquisitor War Hero armor looks. It is absolutely demented in every way. The first look at it will scare you, or make you wonder what kind of twisted mind came up with something like that. The redness of the insect-alike eyes is absolutely terrifying. In all that detail I just could not stop thinking there’s a Predator in there somewhere. The only thing spoiling the image are the branch-like extrusions … hence the unholy union between a tree and a predator. Perhaps, I could have used stag horns? Dunno … I guess the image of a predator humping a dry tree is something I can live with, as opposed to the image of a stag and a predator getting it on.

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