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Why we do what we do (Part 1)

Published by under Swtor Comic on Jul. 21. 2010.

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Swtor Life Webcomic - Why we do what we do part 1

Welcome to the very first SWTOR Life webcomic dedicated to the MMORPG we all so love. Let me tell you up front. I am no artist. I am not a particularly a good writer either. So what in the world am I doing making a webcomic? This urge was stronger than me. The first time I saw the deceived cinematic trailer I had this idea of a webcomic. It has been with me for a year now and its time to become more than just an idea has come. I apologize to all those wonderful webcomics out there that I love to read and follow for years now (GuComics, Penny Arcade, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Extralife and such) for stomping on your excellence with my crude drawings, but I have to do what needs to be done.

Meet our heroes in a waiting state that we are all in …

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One Response to “Why we do what we do (Part 1)”

  1. CRR_Carlaon 26 Jul 2010 at 7:28 pm

    LOL Loved it!

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