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Bioware trailers have story

Published by under news,Trooper,video on May. 27. 2011.

My first hands on experience with The Old Republic was playing the trooper for 15 minutes at GamesCom 2010. Ever since then I have been leaning towards choosing to play this class once the game comes out. This is why today’s update, that shows us the Trooper class progressions video trailer, is very exciting (beside being totally cool and managing to hype me about the game yet again). One thing I’ve noticed is that they seem to have used the same Sith Inquisitor we’ve seen in the “Unlimited Power” Sith Inquisitor class trailer. Has Bioware decided to create a mini story through their promotional trailers? In the Inquisitor trailer we see her using stealth to overcome her enemies. We now see how this can be countered by a Trooper class. Can we expect in some future Empire class trailer to have them counter Trooper’s moves? I sure hope so, because these small “easter eggs” sure are exciting to report on.


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Thursday update? Republic Trooper Class Trailer!

Published by under Trooper,video on Dec. 23. 2010.

It is Holiday season and if anything we expect to see less news. Instead, we get a Thursday update (and the power in charge are promising a Friday update as well!). I guess Santa is making his rounds and visiting SWTOR fans as well :). Check out the video that was released on Gamespot a few hours earlier showcasing the Republic Trooper class.

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