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“Kaon Under Siege” The Newest SWTOR Flashpoint Coming Tuesday 1/17/2012!

Published by under Breaking News,Falshpoint on Jan. 14. 2012.

Zombies in my SWTOR!

To coincide with the release of the new content addition dubbed 1.1 “Rise of the Rakghouls” on this Tuesday, David Bass from Bioware sent us some pictures to publish and I decided to gather up what info I have been seeing on the internet about it for you to read as well.  A new flashpoint is a very exciting thing when talking about new content being added to the game because they are very fun from my experience.  They are a great diversion from all the other outstanding features that Bioware has in SWTOR from the story, the crewskills and crafting, the PVP, and on with many other great things they have in store for you.

On the official site we got this info drop on the new flashpoint which is named “Kaon Under Seige”

The Tion Hegemony is in utter chaos. A mysterious outbreak of the Rakghoul plague has spread across several worlds, killing countless civilians while mutating others into Rakghouls themselves. On the planet of Kaon a small group of survivors fight against the endless waves of Rakghoul monstrosities. Now both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have set plans in motion to rescue the survivors of Kaon, locate the source of the virus, and forge an alliance with the Tion Hegemony.

We are excited to give you this preview of ‘Kaon Under Siege,’ the new Flashpoint coming January 17 as part of the next major Game Update for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


From that we see just how cool this flashpoint is going to be and it gives us a nice look into the direction the first big content upgrade is going to take the game, it looks like it’s zombies in my SWTOR!  🙂


I can mount a gun to shoot Zombies!

Another great piece of info on this subject came from this interview over at a great site Rock, Paper, Shotgun with James Ohlen,

RPS: So what can we expect to see in next week’s update?

Ohlen: With our first update we have a flashpoint, Rise of the Rakghouls, which is in the vein of the story-heavy flashpoints that you’ve seen in SWTOR. We also are expanding Karagga’s Palace, the second operation you can play through. It only had one boss on release. It’s going to have five bosses. Karagga’s Palace is very much based off of Jabba The Hutt’s, there’s a rancour in it, and over very cool things. We also have a lot of bug fixes and modifications. One thing we’re very conscious about is we need to get rid of anything detracting from player experiences. It’s a massive game, so we’re going to have problems, and we’re getting them fixed.

We then have a second update coming in March, and that’s going to be a much bigger update, another flashpoint – part two of Rise of the Rakghouls – and we’re going to have a whole new planet, with a brand new operation and warzone. We’re going to have the second part of the Legacy system, which is the real meat of it. We’re going to have guild banks, PVP ranking systems, and a lot of smaller additions and bug fixes. And we’re already working on the third update. The story’s already written out and being recorded for the fourth, fifth… and I can’t say how many updates we have, but we have a lot. Just to give you an idea of how far we’re planning ahead, we’ve already got voiceover being recorded for content you won’t see for a year or more. We’re really making sure we deliver new content. We also want to make sure that the Star Wars galaxy feels alive, so we’re working on an event system, which we’ll be giving more details about in the new future.

A whole new planet?  Part two in March of Rise of the Rakghouls?  Wow this looks to be a great ride, strap in folks new content is fixing to be on you like a plague of zombies after an apocalypse and I for one am not afraid!



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