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SWTour embargo/NDA lifted

Published by under Beta,beta testing,Breaking News,news on Nov. 18. 2011.

Return Flight from Fan Summit #2


Quietly the embargo for the Fan Summit #2 dropped today. When I say quiet, I mean that we didn’t get an announcement about incoming media blitz. What we have gotten is a volume of posts that are making me try to prioritize for myself. Not only do we have the North American sites, we also have the European sites.

The difference on this round of posts is that they seem to be able to talk about anything. I am not seeing a faction restriction, nor am I seeing a restriction on flashpoints, or levels.

  • Darth Hater has put up a number of articles on specific planets and their impression of them.
  • GameSpy posted an article summarizing the authors concerns for Star Wars.
  • The Old Republic Roleplay has a number of articles up about flashpoints and their impression of the summit and the game.

This is just 3 of the sites posting Fan Summit content right now.

Hope to see you all in game!


Update: The NDA has been lifted as of today by Greg Zeschuk.


As of now, the non disclosure portion of our Game Testing Agreement is officially lifted. While all players must still accept the Game Testing Agreement, from this point on testers may now freely talk about their experiences this past weekend in the game, as well as post screenshots and gameplay videos of their testing experiences. We encourage you to come join us on the official Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Forums to share your experiences!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic community site will have a copy of this message on the forums and it will also appear in the Patcher. Players may not talk about nor reprint posts from our testing forums as they are still fully covered by the confidentiality portions of our Game Testing Agreement. And all players who want to participate in the upcoming Beta Test Weekends still have to accept all terms of the Game Testing Agreement. So, other than that, free feel to talk about and share your experiences in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

My thanks go out to everyone who has beta tested and continues to beta test the game. It has been with your help and feedback that Star Wars: The Old Republic is where it is today. We really appreciate your efforts.

May the Force be with you!

Greg Zeschuk
VP, Electronic Arts, BioWare Austin, General Manager

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One Response to “SWTour embargo/NDA lifted”

  1. Drakai88on 19 Nov 2011 at 1:46 am

    Finally, jeez the game is great by the way, voice acting is amazing, quests are awesome, and decisions are really harsh. PVP is fun beyond measure. FPs are awesome if you have a group that knows how to use their class properly…ask questions if I have done it I shall give feedback.