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Bouris Ulgo Must Die

Published by under news,video on Jun. 27. 2011.

Flack from E3 is still being published and as part of it we got the Alderaan group quest video during this Friday update. This seems to be a shorter version of the video we’ve seen during live presentation at E3. For those of you that have not been following, here’s a recap of what this video actually shows. On planet Alderaan you get a chain of quests that is only doable by a group. The last quest in this chain requests of you to kill Bouris Ulgo, the usurper of the Alderaan throne. After taking care of some trash there is a final fight with Ulgo and his adds. There is a mechanic where while fighting waves of enemies you need to pick up rocket launchers standing around and destroy 4 shield generators that protect Ulgo himself. Upon doing so you finally get a chance to take down the naughty general and claim your reward. The curious thing is that it seems we will be seeing a lot of these group quest chains with special story backgrounds throughout the game, so in addition to the instance mechanic that brings people together we will have these world quest arcs to also provide content you can beat only with your friends.

On a completely unrelated note; how about that epic beard on Dallas Dickinson?

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One Response to “Bouris Ulgo Must Die”

  1. Derimoson 27 Jun 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Dark side beard for sure!