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Rakghoul Pandemic Guide

Published by under Guide on Apr. 16. 2012.

As soon as we found out there is a special event on Tattoine I wanted to find out and experience as much of it as I can. I spent all day yesterday on Tatooine uncovering the secrets of the event and Bioware really worked hard to give us some new things to uncover. The thing I like the most about the event is the fact it is enveloped in good old Bioware story. There are announcers at the fleet warning travelers not to travel to Tatooine (of course we all went there right away). Once you get to Tatooine you can watch a TV right outside the starport giving you the latest about the outbreak (and starting a special event/quest that rewards you with a mini Rakghoul pet). Once you get to the source of the contagion you are faced with area quests that further explain what happened and even our old World Boss friend Trapjaw is changed and transformed into an Infected Trapjaw.

Rakghoul Pandemic News Report

I have compiled a guide describing all the most important portions of the events on our sister site SWTOR Spy. You can read the full guide to the Rakghoul Pandemic event including information on:

  • New Heroic Bosses and their location
  • Tracking the Origin Quest that rewards the mini-pet
  • Area Daily quests and Codex entries you can earn

I have video of the two Event World Boss kills we had yesterday with a PUG on Tatooine. I would like to thank the good people of Dune Bantha server that remained vigilant and got organized so we could down these bosses.

Zama Brak Boss kill


Urgath Boss Kill  

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Published by under community news on Apr. 04. 2012.

Are you one of the lucky few who will able to attend PAX East this weekend? If so you can expect to see the SWTOR Developers there talking about, and showing off, game update 1.2.


Attendees will have a chance to meet and chat with the Developers, play some of the new 1.2 content (using the Razer peripherals developed for The Old republic no less), and will even be able to grab exclusive Black and White Tauntaun Mini-Pets, which can only be obtained by coming to one of the events SWTOR will be at this year. James Ohlen will also be part of a panel put together by titled: The Future of Online Gaming. this panel will be discussing where the MMO genre is going in the next 10 years, and attendees are welcome to bring questions to ask members of the panel.


Check after the jump for a full list of events this weekend, and if you are one of the lucky few who will be in attendance we hope you have a ton of fun! Continue Reading »

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Daniel Erickson Interview – Exclusive Info Revealed

Published by under Breaking News,E3,Interview,video on Jun. 08. 2011.

We had a pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Erickson, lead writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and he was nice enough to answer us some burning questions that the SWTOR community suggested us to ask. Here’s a recap of the most important information and you can view the video bellow.

  • It is highly unlikely that there will be a pre-release character creator like the one that was present in Dragon Age and Mass Effect.
  • There will be different size raids for different difficulties. It is not yet fully defined what those sizes will be for the bigger raid, but smaller raid will be 8 man
  • No dynamic content in the same sense as in Rift
  • Number of characters per server not defined yet. Guess is that you can have enough to play each class per server, but not yet sure.
  • Kicking people off a cliff in PvP matches – YES
  • Changing character look after you create it (barber shop) – probably not at ship
  • You can have 5 companions on your main character and 5 companions on all your alts and they will all be able to craft at the same time (offline queue) (please watch the interview for better explanation)
  • Crafted equipment is what you will need to go into a raid to get the best equipment ever on the server (please watch the interview for better explanation)
  • Vanity pets (sly smile – no comment – watch the interview – you will know)

Here’s the Audio version of the interview. The video file is taking forever to upload and we will have full video version as soon as we can get that edited. Thank you for your patience.

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