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They Giveth And They Taketh Away

Published by under Beta,beta testing,Blog,Breaking News,community news on Jun. 16. 2011.

It’s amazing how a day of two can give you a new view on a given subject. What once was greeted with great anticipation and high hopes falls at the very first hurdle.


I’m thinking about Origin and the new wave of beta invites.



Firstly Origin, EA’s answer to Steam.

I was kind of indifferent to this news when it hit. I don’t have many Steam related games on my account as I tend to play MMO’s and you don’t need a second party platform to enjoy them fully. Also I though having SWTOR exclusive for digital download from Origin made good business sense. After all, doing it yourself gives you a greater income before the more important subs start rolling in.

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Why Origin Has Me Worried?

Published by under Editorial,news on Jun. 05. 2011.

As part of their pre-E3 marketing activities Electornic Arts redesigned their site and announced the beginning of a new digital distribution service that they call Origin. The redesigned website sports two important sections for all The Old Republic fans; the E3 live coverage section and Star Wars: The Old Republic dedicated page. A bit of interesting information I found on the SWTOR page is that is listed as a “PLATFORM: PC Download”, which hints that they will sell it as a digital distribution on the site.
Click here to read why I am not a fan of this new service

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