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Greg Zeschuk Leaves SWTOR, Stays in Bioware

Published by under Breaking News on Aug. 10. 2012.

There was a rumor floating around that one of the good doctors that founded Bioware has left after SWTOR layoffs in May. This has been denied by EA staff. Now, Eurogamer and Gamasutra are reporting that there was a change in roles, not as drastic as one of the founders leaving the company though.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk stepped down from the position of General Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic in May and is now in Edmonton with his family taking a well deserved break. In an email to Gamasutra he said the following:

With regard to BioWare Austin, I handed off the leadership of the studio to Matthew Bromberg quite some time ago (back in May). Ray [Muzyka, BioWare co-founder] and I picked Matthew to take over and he’s been doing a great job with the studio.

My time in Austin was always planned to have a finite endpoint (my family was still living in Edmonton throughout my time in Austin) and now that I’ve handed the baton to Matt, I will be able to spend more time on a wider range of BioWare games rather than focusing on just one as I did with SWTOR.”

While he was working on SWTOR Dr. Greg spent most of his time in Austin, Texas, while his family remained back in Canada. I would like to thank the good doctor for all he did for the game and the sacrifices he made so we would be able to play it one day.

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The Old Republic nears completion

Published by under Interview,news,video on Aug. 03. 2010.

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk gave an interview to BBC’s Daniel Emery discussing the past of Bioware as well as its Star Wars future. Also mentioned in the interview was that:

The massive multiplayer online role-play game (MMORPG) Star Wars: The Old Republic is nearing completion.

While the Canadian developer BioWare would not be drawn on an exact date, it said that spring 2011 “was not unrealistic”.

“It’s getting closer, it’s coming down the pipe,” the firm’s founder Greg Zeschuk told BBC News.

You can see the video interview below or read the whole article on the BBC’s web site. (thanks to CorrelianRun that shared this news on their Twitter account)

In other news, Dark Horse is starting to ship Threat of Peace Part #2. You can follow the new adventures of Jedi Satele Shan, Master Orgus, and Lieutenant Tavus if you order the comic on this page. News spotted at swtorstrategies.

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10 million or bust

Published by under Interview,news on Jul. 28. 2010. has an interview with Bioware co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk published on their site. They cover a range of topics concerning Bioware games. What cought our eye is the following statement:

Well, we need to sell 10 million units. That’s actually the new target, right? We do Top 10 games, our stuff is quite successful.

We always joke that if we only do half as well as Blizzard on Star Wars: The Old Republic, we’ll be quite satisfied. We’ve been very fortunate. I always joke about that, but…

You can read the full interview here.

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