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Tatooine Developer Walkthrough

Published by under E3,video on Jun. 09. 2011.

Here’s an officially released video of gameplay on Tatooine. This is similar to what we saw Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid play during the live stream event on the first day of E3. You can enjoy it in full HD beauty bellow or even download it from the official site.

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My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels…?

Published by under community news,Editorial on May. 28. 2011.

Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid dropped by the forums this week to discuss SWTOR servers and languages.  Would it bother you if your server did have a fair number of people on it who spoke something other than your primary tongue?


Dangit, I knew I should have paid more attention in class...

Read on for Stephen’s thoughts on the matter:

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On Cover and Gunslinging

Published by under Class,Game Mechanics,gameplay,Imperial Agent,PvP,Skills,Smuggler on May. 25. 2011.

Continuing his streak of highly informative posts on the main SWTOR forums, Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller, voted most likely in his class to scream out “Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale!” at inappropriate times,  stopped by once more to enlighten us about Smugglers and their Cover mechanics.


Georg Zoeller - The Wookiee Whisperer

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Superfast, Searchable, Sortable SWTOR Developer Tracker

Published by under Site news on Mar. 25. 2011.

swtor developer tracker sample image

SWTOR Life is proud to present another addition to the site that we hope all Old Republic fans will appreciate. It is a page that will keep track of all the posts Bioware developers and staff are making on the official forums. There is a version of this found on the official site (link), but we weren’t satisfied with the features it has, nor the functionality. We present you a version that has instant search (it’s more of a filter applied to all posts) of all dev posts integrated so you can search for posts only by one of the developers or a keyword. You can also sort all the dev posts by the person that posted, forum it was posted in or date. We plan on adding more features to the page, like adding Twitter posts to the mix, and we hope to bring them very soon. It is still in a sort of a beta state so please report any problems you might have with it.

Visit Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Tracker page


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