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Corellia is the Latest Playable Planet

Published by under news,Planets on Sep. 10. 2010.

Corellia itro image

It has been speculated for some time that Corellia is going to be one of the planets players will be able to play through and this Friday’s update confirmed those suspicions. In the first Friday update that was not posted by long time community manager Sean Dahlberg (he left Bioware a few days ago) we get a brand new Corellia Holonet page with all the basic information about the planet we could want. Things you should know about the planet:

  • A founding member of the Galactic Republic
  • Symbol of personal and economic freedom
  • Birthplace of Han Solo (3000 years in the future from TOR)
  • Main Starship production planet
  • Contact has been lost with the planet. Some images show destruction from bombardment but no solid info is available.

Check out the official news item here and you can see the screenshots and concept art of the new planet in our galleries below..

Corellia Screenshots

SS Corellia01 Full SS Corellia02 Full SS Corellia03 Full SS Corellia04 Full

Corellia Concept Art

CA Corellia01 Full CA Corellia02 Full CA Corellia03 Full CA Corellia04 Full

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Another video about the game’s music reveals new planet

Published by under music,speculation,video on Jul. 18. 2010.

Corellia Music Sheet

Click to see full sized image

Gamespot released an exclusive video entitled “Composing the Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic”. It was released short after this Friday’s update that covered game’s music creation through a developer diary. More observant forum members noticed something special in the Gamespot video. There is a music sheet with clearly visible title “Corellia intro (of) Corellia bkgrnd_03”. It is being speculated that this means Corellia will definitely be a playable planet. I am sure this will be a thrill for our friends at :).

The video itself talks about having 5 composers working on the game’s music, each composing for an entire planet and you can watch it bellow (let us know if you notice any other revealing details 🙂

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