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GamesCom 2011

Published by under Events,GamesCom on Aug. 15. 2011.

One of, if not the biggest, gaming shows in the world is about to take place in Cologne, Germany, from August 17th-21st. With the release date closing in fast, Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a very strong presence at the show this year. First images that are coming in show that the hands on area this year is much larger (three times as large) than last year. There is a kind of excitement in the air as well because the Beta September is just around the corner and everyone is awaiting more news on this as well. For European SWTOR fans this will also be the first chance to meet the new European community managers. We also know from recent news that footage from the Eternity Vault, end game operation (raid), will be shown for the first time as well.

We’ll be watching closely for all the news pouring in from the show floor so you’ll have one place to go to for all SWTOR news from GamesCom. Here’s a preliminary schedule of things to watch out for and a few images we dug up.

  • The unofficial offical Twitter hashtag for This year’s news from Gamescom and PAX Prime is #ComPAXTOR
  • There will be some footage about SWTOR on BiowareTV. We’ll update you with details once we find out more.
  • Tuesday, August 16th. – EA press conference – streaming live starting 4PM CET.
  • Thursday, August 18th – 12:45 To 13:00 CET – SWTOR: Producer Presentation
  • Friday, August 19th – 12:45 To 13:00 CET – SWTOR: Producer Presentation
  • Saturday, August 20th – 12:45 To 13:00 CET – SWTOR: Show
  • Sunday, August 21st – 12:45 To 13:00 CET – SWTOR: Show

EA Press Conference preaprations


Chris Collins - EU Community manager

Release date tease

Here’s a livestream of all EA booths at Gamescom, including SWTOR.

Watch live streaming video from ea at

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Early images from the Old Republic booth at PAX

Published by under PAX East on Mar. 11. 2011.

Bioware staff is still setting up the booth at PAX East and it looks like it’s going to be a long night for them. They were kind enough to share an early image of what part of the booth will look like. The image was so awesome that I had to share it with you all. Kind of reminds me of the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Click the image to see full size

Click the image to see full size

Click for full sized image

Click for Full size

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Pax East Disturbes the Force

Published by under Events,news,PAX East on Mar. 10. 2011.

Image from Mos Eisley Radio

Penny Arcade Expo in Boston is only several hours away and excitement among The Old Republic fans is mounting. Things are not being made any less difficult by officials at Bioware and they keep adding fuel to fire. We first had an awesome update last Friday with plethora of information on the Bounty Hunter and the Deceived novel. We got surprised on Wednesday by the Guild HQ application on the official site (10.000 guilds have registered in these two days). The latest news is that Firday update, that Bioware has been doing for SWTOR every Friday for almost 2 years now, will be done live from the show floor. Official SWTOR Twitter account invited fans to:

… join us at 10:15am EST at Booth 912 and help us kick off #SWTORPAX

The wording of this announcement is very suggestive and the fact they chose #SWTORPAX to be their hash tag feels as if their news is going to be so big that PAX East this year will be remembered by SWTOR news. It might just be the starving fan in me seeing things though.

The other fact is that fans and members of fansites have already started arriving in Boston and there are some images already being available. You can see what the press badge looks like bellow (image from Vall of Tor Syndicate) and the image at the top of this article is actually a look at SWTOR booth that will host the big announcement tomorrow.

Keep your eyes pealed to SWTOR Life all throughout tomorrow and while the event lasts because we will be scouring for news and footage non-stop to bring you as much coverage as we can. Temporarily we added Twitter feeds in our sidebar to keep you updated with the latest news from fansite attendees as well as discussions tagged by the official SWTOR PAX East hashtag #SWTORPAX.

Image courtesy of Tor Syndicate

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Video of Swtor gameplay at Gamescom booth

Published by under Breaking News,Events,GamesCom,video on Aug. 18. 2010.

Above video shows what was happening at the Star Wars The Old republic booth at this year’s GamesCom. This is the first time the general public was able to get some hands on with the game. We were able to capture some of the atmosphere there during the press only day (that is why there are not that many people). You can also see some of the people still playing, and then there is a change of gamers (every 15 minutes a new group was showed in). We will be releasing more of these in the coming days.

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